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Our latest release brings more clarity and an upload function

An optimized agenda view, a new top bar and the long desired file upload – we listened to you and made talque a little bit better. Our development team has been working hard during the last weeks and we are happy to present our new features to you today.

New column view in the agenda

Now even clearer: With our new agenda display, you always have everything in view. Taking into account the time schedule, the sessions are sorted by room – a kind of timetable for your event. You can navigate through it by scrolling horizontally and vertically. You can also easily switch between the individual event days via the selection menu. In the admin area you can also change the order of the rooms.

With just one click on the new button, you can now switch from the familiar list display to our new view. There, the sessions are sorted by room and displayed in tabular form for visitors over time. But don’t worry: Fans of the conventional view don’t have to say goodbye to the familiar – the familiar list view remains.

So that the event visitors also have the option to switch to the new agenda view, the admins are first in demand: These simply select both options for the view in the “Agenda Settings” area.

Always up to date: integration of the time

The new agenda follows the time. This means: A bar indicates what is currently happening at the event. If a session is called and closed again, one is back at the last selected position.

New document upload function

Whether resume, project overview, another document. From now on, files can also be requested in the participant profiles and thus easily made available to the entire community. The desired file type, text and title for the upload can be configured in advance by the event admin.

New top bar – extended navigation

For better clarity, the event main menu has been moved to the second row. This is particularly beneficial for events with a lot of content. Since the entire menu band adjusts automatically according to the screen size, visitors can find their way around more easily and have a better overview of the individual menu items. The result: an increase in traction, especially for menu items that were previously hidden.

Activation or enabling of the new view is not necessary.