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Added value for exhibitors and sponsors

From profiles and products to leads: With our tools, exhibitors and sponsors can reach their target group

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Talque offers benefits to exhibitors and sponsors, who are crucial stakeholders at every event.

A strong company presence, and the presentation of products is essential for exhibitors and sponsors. With our features, this is made simple:

  • Valuable leads through intelligent tools and extensive evaluation options
  • Comprehensive presentation of products and services
  • Direct touchpoint with the relevant target group – even after the trade fair is over

Use the comprehensive features to reach your audience, establish brand visibility at the event, and stay in contact visitors.

Your top features for sponsors and exhibitors

Place your brand in the spotlight: impress your audience with custom exhibitor profiles
Show us what you got: Highlight your products and services with company and product profiles
Lead scanning like the pros: Identify who has viewed your profiles, engaged with your offerings, and connected with your team




These customers trust our event platform

Exhibitor profiles

Bring your trade show into the digital age with exhibitor profiles. These profiles offer attendees a quick glimpse into your team, both online and on-site.

Logos, banners, and detailed company descriptions can be customized to elevate your exhibitor profiles. Embed images, videos, and other content, showcase your team, highlight open positions, and share your latest contributions.

Connect directly with potential customers. Employees can be assigned to your company, allowing visitors to interact via chat, video call, or even face-to-face at the physical booth. Scheduling appointments is a breeze, allowing you to make meaningful connections with just a few clicks. Bonus features like slot bookings let you host engaging presentations or demos.

Exhibitor profiles take networking and knowledge exchange to whole new level. With talque, it’s effortless and intuitive.

Presentation of products and services

Customized exhibitor profiles allow companies and brands can put themselves in the spotlight.

Companies can also create product profiles to elevate their brand:

  • Company profiles: for community sponsors, projects in scientific community, ideas of individual members, partners
  • Product profiles: for products, jobs, projects, media, articles, other content

Reach your target group with a well-designed product profile.

Lead scanning for exhibitors

As an event platform, talque helps exhibitors make the most of an event: This includes acquiring high-quality and relevant leads, effective product presentation, and streamlined organization.

Various formats for meetings and engagement allow exhibitors to reach their target group.

This is how our lead scanning works during the event:

  • Connect: Scan the user app code or use the ticket code.
  • Users who are not in talque are also in the lead scanning system
  • The exhibitor profile is a lead hub for exhibitors
  • Notes can be added easily for simplified organization
  • Messages can be sent directly to talque users for easy commnication
  • API webhook for exhibitors establishes direct connection with their CRM (e.g. send thank you email)

Lead generation after the event

The standard lead generation feature offers a downloadable GDPR-compliant lead list after the event. This list includes information on which employees engaged with participants, along with any scheduled appointments. After the event you can:

  • Export leads
  • Analyze users and evaluate performance
  • Contact relevant leads

Tracking and analysis
Our tracking and analysis dashboard provides comprehensive information about visitors. It gives insights into interactions, bounce rates, matchmaking data and much more. This data helps you understand your audience, in compliance with GDPR regulations.

Want to learn more and get started on your first event?

Additional features for sponsors & exhibitors

Job postings

You’re hiring? Set up a job board to link job postings directly to your company profile. Media, documents and contact persons can be added to the job board  applicants and recruiters to contact each other directly.

Premium placement of sponsors

Exhibitors and sponsors can highlight their brand with exclusive visibility services. Options including linking their logo on the start or agenda.

Exhibitor chat

Easily accessible and direct: In the exhibitor profile, a chat is automatically available, allowing participants to contact exhibitors at anytime. Each message sent to exhibitors is displayed as separate threads, which available to all company contacts. Responding is easy via mobile or desktop.

Joint booths/co-exhibitors

Stronger together: For joint stands, co-exhibitors are linked in the main exhibitor profile. Up to 5 main/co-exhibitors can displayed at the same time, more can be displayed with the “More” button.

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