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Agenda & Speaker at a glance

What, when and where: The agenda provides quick access to all information

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In order to take away as many interesting points of the day as possible from an event, visitors usually study the agenda and the announced players online in advance.
But instead of having handwritten notes or screenshots and PDFs saved on your phone to keep track of everything, today the talque app is all you need. Make it easy for your audience to navigate the entire event, from the general overview to the specific day’s agenda to the who’s who – live.
Make it easier for your visitors to organize themselves. Simple and clear – with our features.

Your top features for a better view.

With the agenda you inform your participants in detail about all happenings.
Speaker profiles: With the simple data collection via self-service to the optimal presentation of your speakers.
And how was it? Get direct feedback on your event – with the speaker evaluation directly after the event.

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With the agenda, give your attendees the opportunity to get detailed information about the event program.

You will find all important key facts as well as details about sessions and sub-sessions, workshops or pitches. The schedule is easily adjusted? No problem – thanks to the clear agenda with real-time view, visitors are always up to date.

What’s more, everyone can put together their own schedule, sign up for program items and add them to their personal calendar. If sessions are fully booked, it is possible to move up via the waiting list.

Speaker management

People who share stories from their wealth of experience enrich every event. So that keynote speakers can present themselves well in advance, they receive the editing link for their profile from the event organizer. All important information, handouts and other documents can now be uploaded by them and made available to the participants.

This is how it works:

  • Simple creation of speaker profiles by organizers: manually or via CSV.
  • Required are first name, last name and e-mail address of the speaker
  • Speakers can then enter data themselves without registering: Drag & drop data upload and automated reminders.
  • After going through the onboarding process, the profiles are active
  • Agenda points can be assigned to the respective profiles: Sessions can thus be linked to speakers

Advantage for the organizer: Gone are the days of lengthy mail arrangements with requests for the appropriate photos, the sending of handouts and descriptions of speaker and content.

The speaker also benefits: He can adjust his profile in a relaxed manner, store the right information and directly see how it looks to visitors.

Speaker Rating

Feedback is enormously important for organizers – this also applies to the use of speakers at an event. Did the audience feel picked up, was there the desired added value and did the description match the content and expectations?

Thanks to our feature, feedback can be given directly and easily: Attendees can secretly rate speakers with 1-5 stars after their presentations.

Only you as the administrator of the event can see the ratings of the participants in the speakers list. This way, you receive direct feedback from conference visitors and know which of the speeches were particularly well received.

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