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Maximum interaction at every event

Using talque's tools for networking and exchange

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Conferences, trade fairs, festivals, concerts, and team meetings unite people with shared interests and goals. Interpersonal interaction is a valuable aspect of every event. Beyond attending demos, presentations, and speeches, participants hope to form personal connections at events. This is why we prioritize these social aspects at talque.  

We have developed tools to ensure that interaction can be enhanced, increasing the added value of your event. Our matchmaking, user-generated sessions, unconference tool, and speed dating are just a few possibilities.

Your top features for more interaction

Bring people together at your event with our matchmaking tool.
Energize and connect your community through virtual speed dating.




Let’s stay in touch: Keep your community updated all year round with postings.
Simplified networking – scan app code and get in touch.




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Intelligent matchmaking

Facilitate connections among your event attendees with our proprietary matchmaking feature. 

Utilizing the insights gathered during the onboarding process, talque calculates compatible matches and suggests suitable contacts to your visitors. 

By displaying shared interests in the “best matches” section, participants can easily break the ice and engage in lively interactions, whether they are physically present or participating digitally. Finding valuable contacts at your event has never been easier! 

Here’s how it works: 

  • Participants go through the matchmaking process once, and talque automatically displays their best contacts at the event. 
  • Organizers can customize the questions and answer options in the matchmaking process to serve different target groups. 
  • Interest-based questions, such as “I am looking for…” and “I offer…” are included for optimal matchmaking.

Virtual Speed Networking

One of our most popular features is our virtual speed dating, designed to connect and encourage interaction among participants. This feature can be set up flexibly, either permanently or as a one-time option.

During speed dating sessions, participants are matched by our specially developed algorithm and engage in brief video calls. To break the ice and find conversation starters, the tool displays common interests.

Participants can register in advance or join spontaneously, and once a suitable match is found, the video call starts and the ball is in play. The matched individuals can then decide whether they wish to exchange information and continue their exchange. It’s a win-win!

The duration of the video call can be predetermined by the organizer.

Posting function & exchange

The Newspost feature allows organizers as well as members to post news within the community:

  • Every user can post publicly in the community
  • Users can respond with comments: Perfect for knowledge exchange, feedback, help requests and sharing key insights
  • Cross-device synchronization

Share various content forms such as images, videos, or text to boost engagement. Community member can respond to postings with a comment. This is ideal of sharing knowledge and fostering connections.

Networking Events Zeitplan, talque App

Networking on site

Getting to know people and quickly exchanging business cards where you have to check again at the end which face belonged to the card? There’s another way! Networking made easy – pull out your smartphone, open the talque app and get started:

Struggling to match faces to names after exchanging business cards? We have  a solution! Networking is made easy with talque  – get your smartphone, open the app, and get started:

  • Scan the talque user app code and start networking.
  • A chat is created between users and a welcome message is sent by the system: “You are now connected!”
  • After connecting, users can send chats messages, start video calls and view each others profiles.

Watch your network grow with talque.

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More features

Evaluation function

Immediately after the session, your attendees will be prompted to submit a rating. This way you get direct feedback on speakers, company profiles, pitches or poster presentations.

Live Stream

talque provides you with Vimeo live streaming license(s). Included is 1 GB livestreaming quota per participant. The livestreams can be integrated into agenda items.

1:1 Meetings

talque connects: With the 1:1 meeting function, you can enable your participants to have an informal, direct exchange. Meeting participants simply choose when and where (digitally or on-site) they want to meet and exchange ideas on a specific topic.

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