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Maximum interaction for any event format

Using talque's tools for valuable exchange and networking

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Conferences, trade fairs, festivals, concerts and team meetings bring together people with the same interests and goals. In addition to the insights, presentations and live demos, there is another important aspect to the added value of an event: the exchange with the people on site. It is precisely this social aspect that we at talque focus on.

We have developed the appropriate tools to ensure that the interaction can succeed optimally and thus increase the added value of your event: Our matchmaking, the creation of user-generated sessions, the unconference tool and speed dating are just a few possibilities.

Your top features for more interaction

Bring the right people together at your event with our matchmaking.
Liven up and network your community with virtual speed dating.
Let’s stay in touch: Keep your community all year round with postings.
Network your visitors – scan app code and get in touch.

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Intelligent matchmaking

Our self-developed matchmaking brings people together in an event community.

Network your attendees with our intelligent matchmaking based on their commonalities. Based on the indicated interests in the onboarding process, talque calculates the respective matches and suggests suitable contacts to your visitors.

By displaying common interests in the “best matches”, the ice between visitors is quickly broken and nothing stands in the way of a lively exchange. It doesn’t matter whether they are live on site or purely digital at the event. Finding valuable contacts at your event – easier than ever!

Here’s how it works:

  • Each participant goes through the matchmaking process only once. Afterwards talque automatically shows each participant his best contacts at the event.
  • The questions and answer options in the matchmaking process can be individually selected by the organizer. Different target groups can be defined to which other questions are displayed.
  • Interest questions as well as “I am looking for…” and “I offer…” questions are also provided – for perfect matchmaking.

Virtual Speeddating

One of our most popular features: With our virtual speeddating, participants are networked and encouraged to interact. The feature can be set up flexibly, either permanently or as a one-time function.

During speed dating, participants are matched in short video calls by our specially developed algorithm. To break the ice and immediately find a conversation starter, the tool immediately shows the common interests.

Anyone who wants to participate registers in advance or joins spontaneously. As soon as a suitable match has been calculated, it’s on: camera on, time is running – the ball is in the field. The matches can then decide whether they want to be personally networked. Win-win!

By the way: The amount of time available to the matches for their video calls is determined in advance by the organizer.

Posting function & exchange

The Newspost feature allows organizers as well as members to post news within the community:

  • Any user can post publicly to the community
  • Other members respond via comments: Perfect for knowledge sharing, feedback, help requests and sharing key learnings
  • Cross-device synchronization

Share different content formats such as images, videos, or text to encourage members to share: Any community member can respond to postings with a comment. Ideal for pooling knowledge and creating synergies.

Networking on site

Getting to know people and quickly exchanging business cards where you have to check again at the end which face belonged to the card? There’s another way! Networking made easy – pull out your smartphone, open the talque app and get started:

  • Scan the talque user app code and start networking.
  • A chat is created between users and a welcome message is sent by the system: “You are now connected!”
  • After networking, chats, video calls and, of course, viewing each other’s profiles are quickly done.

Relax and watch your own contact network grow with talque.

Want to learn more and get started on your first event?

More features

Evaluation function

Immediately after the session, your attendees will be prompted to submit a rating. This way you get direct feedback on speakers, company profiles, pitches or poster presentations.

Live Stream

talque provides you with Vimeo live streaming license(s). Included is 1 GB livestreaming quota per participant. The livestreams can be integrated into agenda items.

1:1 Meetings

talque connects: With the 1:1 meeting function, you can enable your participants to have an informal, direct exchange. Meeting participants simply choose when and where (digitally or on-site) they want to meet and exchange ideas on a specific topic.

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