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talque as an event app

More engagement and interaction at your event

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Ensure that all event participants establish strategic connections by using talque as an event app. Attendees can create personalized user profiles, guaranteeing that everyone can form relevant connections! Digital attendees are also seamlessly integrated into the event with the talque app.

Various chat and session formats contribute to a successful and engaging event. The posting feature allows the organizers to keep the community up to date and encourages everyone to participate actively by sharing content. 

Thanks to our clear agenda view and interactive hall plan, your participants are always in the right place at the right time.

Core features of the event app

Interactive floor plan

Personalized user profiles

Onboarding & Matchmaking

Structured agenda

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Endless possibilities for your personalized event app

An app exclusively for you: branding and sponsorship

Create your own personalized event app with talque! As a white label mobile app with its own app store presence, you can put your brand in the spotlight. The app icon, splash screen, login page, and more can be entirely customized to fit your needs.

Central graphic elements, such as your CTA or the agenda, are personalized to match your CI.

Easy Access: the simple way into the talque App

An invitation email or QR code allows users to get started with the talque app. The ticketing function seamlessly integrates with the email address to send an invitation to the ticket holder. Once logged in, the user will only need their email address for future logins.

During the initial onboarding process, every user fills out their information and indicates their interests and field of work. This onboarding process automatically generates a customizable visitor profile. Now, successful matchmaking is effortless!

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