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Hybrid events combine the best of the event experience on site with digital functions. Make your events even more attractive for your participants!
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Hybrid events are the key to getting even more out of your event. Hybridity means combining the best of the on-site experience and the new digital possibilities. Amaze your customers with additional opportunities to make the most of their marketing potential. Expand your audience and overcome spatial and temporal distances! Let participants interact with each other, network and organize in innovative ways. With a hybrid event, anything is possible and we are happy to consult you on your individual event.

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Four reasons to integrate hybridity into modern event strategies

1. Increase reach, number of participants and audience interactionThe use of hybrid functions can significantly lower the entry barrier to events. Time and place are no longer exclusion criteria for participants and attending an event. Hybridity not only blurs these boundaries, it dissolves them completely. It is a fallacy that people participate in events either digitally or on site. Experience shows that organizers actually reach more people instead of fewer. And these people are mobile, chat, take part in surveys, rate speakers, companies and presentations. This audience comments and shares content and experiences with friends and colleagues. The world has become a versatile stage and it’s up to you to step into it.2. Use powerful sponsorship and marketing opportunitiesThe value in marketing and sponsoring is largely based on reach and relevance. Advertisers know this and hardly anything is more important for companies and sponsors. At events, people come together as a result of explicit interests. The larger the number of participants and the more specific the target group, the higher the value for sponsors and advertisers. And sponsorship options are diverse. Companies can not only present their services and products on physical advertising media, but also in numerous places in our digital platform on mobile and desktop devices. This opens up new opportunities for you to generate leads, track and evaluate advertising measures.
3. Always keep track of metrics and analyticsCollect data and gain insights in a way that would not be possible with purely on-site events. Here people can only be counted and linked to the vague assumption of who saw what when and where. However, hybrid events reveal far more about the participants and their behavior: They provide insights into interactions, bounce rates, matchmaking data and much more. This data optimizes the understanding of your own audience – of course in compliance with the GDPR regulations.4. Doing something for our environmentOf course, the value of a personal meeting cannot be denied: speaking to people directly, laughing, dancing at the after party, is part of a successful event experience for many. The fact is, however, that every event generates avoidable waste and harms our environment in various ways. Hybrid elements can help reduce unnecessary environmental pollution. This is because companies can offer promotional items, information brochures, product catalogs and access to large exhibition stands in an uncomplicated, digital way and at the same time create a sustainable source of information that retains its value long after the event.

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