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Basic, Pro or modular? Find the right package for your event here. Get your event ready for digital and hybrid – fast, flexible, efficient!



*Single use & price or multiple use in subscription possible*

Basic facts

  • 250 participants included
  • 2 event days included
  • 4€ per additional participant
  • 30 days of free event archive
  • Training & Support
  • 9 hours of support



*Single use & price or multiple use in subscription possible*.

basic functions + upgrades

  • Personal Training & Support
  • +2 hours of support
  • all additional PRO functions see below



Based on Basic or Pro Package

  • +18 bookable advanced functions, i.e.
    • Community extension
    • Event Archive Extension
    • Full time remote or on-site support
    • Custom Development
    • all other functions see below

All features at a glance



Events thrive on interpersonal interaction. With talque matchmaking, participants find suitable contacts in the shortest possible time. A state-of-the-art matching algorithm generates suitable contact suggestions in percent (based on profiles/tags + machine learning / AI) on the basis of the individual matching information. This makes professional and private contact-making on talque a completely new experience.

Participant profiles

Participant profiles are the business cards on talque. They contain all the important information as well as matching tags and matching scores to help participants exchange skills and interests and make targeted contacts. The participant profiles are rounded off with individual descriptive texts about the person and a large-format profile picture.

Company and sponsor profiles

Company/content profiles are the place to give any kind of content a visually appealing stage in the digital space. These profiles can be used to showcase companies, sponsors, projects, poster sessions and much more.


The agenda is the central point of every event. Here, event organisers give participants the opportunity to inform themselves in detail about the event program and find out all the important key information as well as details about sessions and sub-sessions such as talks, workshops or pitches. In addition, participants can put together their own schedule, register for programme items and add them to their calendar. If sessions are fully booked, it is possible to move up via the waiting list.

Custom Tabs

Custom Tabs are individually customisable menu items. These can be used to include additional content such as FAQs, Support/Infopoint, Social Media Walls. Individual custom tabs can be expanded by any number of sub-menu items and thus ideally structure further information.

Standard evaluation

The standard evaluation includes the following interaction parameters: Registration rate (number of invitations + number of registrations), number of chats exchanged between participants, number of requested 1on1 meetings (if meeting function is used), evaluation of active bookings of agenda points.

Time zone logic

talque automatically detects the time zone of users. This guarantees that every participant is always at the right place at the right time. In concrete terms, this means that session start times are always displayed correctly within the agenda and agreed 1:1 meetings can take place smoothly.


Each event can be individually branded. Backgrounds, logos and tag colours can be adapted to your own CI. The entire visual look of an event can be quickly and easily adapted in the talque administration area.

Calendar integration

Modern events are smart and that starts with self-organisation. Participants can add individual agenda items to their personal calendar on talque and thus compile their own programme from a mass of programme items and event offers. Events become even more intelligent when participants link their private Google or Outlook calendars with talque. In this way, the system recognises free slots for 1:1 meetings and every appointment and agenda item marked is automatically transferred to the participant’s own calendar.

Device Compatibility

talque offers access to all data, chats and functions from all devices – anytime, anywhere. Our app is compatible with IOs and Android devices and is available for download in the respective shops. Of course, talque can also be accessed via the web browser.

Collaborative CMS

In the administration area of talque, event organisers can collaborate with speakers, companies, project groups, creative professionals, etc. The platform allows all participants to create their own profiles, including updates. The platform allows all participants to create their own profiles, including updates. All this happens via an uncomplicated and intuitive CMS on talque.


talque supports the multilingualism of events. Participants can easily set the language of the talque system to German, English, French, Portuguese or Spanish. Organisers can also manually enter these languages as multilingual variants in their events.

1:1 Chat

The talque chat is the individual communication tool for every person who has a talque account. Here, messages, pictures, videos and many other documents up to 256 MB can be exchanged bilaterally or in group chats. The conversation and the associated chat history remain independent of the events with one’s own contacts. talque users have access to them at any time. In addition, talque chat enables spontaneous or scheduled 1:1 video telephony.

talque Session Chat

The talque session chat is a communication tool that is used for individual agenda items. This chat can be used in combination with live streams to enable an exchange between speakers and participants.

Virtual Roundtables

talque’s virtual roundtables enable topic-related exchange in groups via video calls within the event agenda. The video calls run as standard via talque’s video call system (dedicated talque Jitsi servers on AWS) and are suitable for 3 to 25 participants. Within the calls, the own screen can be shared for message exchange. Visible raising of hands is also possible. An integration of talque’s video conferencing also entitles the user to integrate all other external video conferencing tools via a forwarding button.

Training and basic support

talque offers its own video trainings for the use of the platform for the respective organiser teams. In addition to handouts and other helpful training materials, it is always possible to contact the talque project management team for questions and answers.

Newsfeed & Post

The Newspost function is a tool to publish news within an event. Organisers and participants can post news in a feed view and add graphics to the news. Participants can view and comment on these posts.

Virtual 1:1 Meetings

Digital 1:1 meetings are used to arrange video calls between individual participants. This function is elementary to any successful networking event. Calendar integration through Google and Microsoft allows all participants to intelligently schedule appointments and automatically generate video calls.

Live Stream Integration

talque enables the integration of all common live stream providers such as Vimeo, Youtube and many more. If event organisers have their own live streaming licences, a simple integration function offers the integration of any number of parallel live streams within the agenda without additional costs. All-in-one solution through talque: For all event organisers who are looking for a complete all-in-one solution and do not have their own streaming licences, we can provide video streaming licenses for any audience size on request.

Media and file gallery

Media galleries refer to the integration of videos and images in company/content profiles on talque. Event organisers and profile members such as employees can upload and update content independently and collaboratively. Videos and images are displayed as embedded views in company/content profiles. Each media gallery contains up to 20 images and up to 5 videos per company/content profile as standard. The maximum size per file is 500 MB. Participants can start videos directly from the talque app from their smartphone or browser. File gallery refers to the integration of documents in company/content profiles on talque. Event organisers and profile members such as employees can upload and update content independently and collaboratively. Documents are displayed as available downloads in company/content profiles. Possible file formats are: pdf, ps, eps, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, ppsx, xls, xlsx, odt, odp, key, pages, numbers. Each file gallery contains up to 20 documents per company/content profile as standard. The maximum size per file is 500 MB.


All basic functions included in Pro

The Pro Package contains all the functions of the Basic Package and is supplemented by additional Pro functions.

External integration for chat and Q&A

Talque allows the integration of external chat tools in agenda items as an iFrame. This means that the favourite tool can also be used, e.g. Slido, Mentimeter, etc.


talque Speed Dating encourages interactive networking. Participants are assigned video calls with matching or relevant contacts within an event based on their matchmaking results.


Subsession allows you to create a separate agenda within a single session. This function is usually used in a live stream with several speakers at different times. Subsession can help to present a chronological programme sequence in a visually clear way in the info section of a session. If a live stream contains several speakers with different thematic content and handouts, the respective individual description texts, speaker profiles and handouts can also be displayed separately in the session. The display of the individual sub-session can even be set to expand and collapse.

Presentation upload

When editing their presentation details, speakers can upload a presentation in any format, e.g. PDF, PowerPoint, Keynote, ODT, as well as other documents, e.g. videos, up to 256 MB each. Handouts are then automatically made available for download in the associated agenda item.

Performance Dashboard

The performance dashboard is particularly suitable for company profiles and for use by marketing experts of the respective companies. Here, employees receive direct statements about: 1) number of clicks on the company profile 2) Number of bookings of agenda items hosted by the company 3) Total number of mutually agreed 1:1 appointments of all employees of the company.

Lead generation

Lead generation provides GDPR-compliant lead lists during the event and afterwards via download. The lists include the contact details of all participants who have chatted and/or held appointments with representatives of the company. A “Request more information”-button can also be added to company/content profiles, which, when clicked, transfers the participant data to a GDPR-compliant lead list. Depending on need and agreement, media content can also be “locked” and only “unlocked” when contact details are provided.

Direct Calls

Contact persons assigned to a company/content profile can be contacted via the company profile by direct video call. Contact persons can change their availability status themselves at any time in the app or on the desktop in real time. When an incoming video call is accepted, both participants are immediately routed into a personal 1:1 video call. Missed calls are displayed in the chat with the respective person.

Speaker rating

Participants can rate speakers with 1-5 stars. The average overall score is then displayed publicly in the profile of the respective speaker. A secret rating is also possible. In this case, only administrators of the event can view the participants’ ratings in the list of speakers.

Unconference Video Calls

The Unconference module is the place where participants themselves decide on the topics of the event. It is possible to create individual group video calls, including a separate topic for each room. If participants are interested in one of these topics, they can easily enter and leave rooms. Just as participants can meet and talk in groups on site, talque’s Unconference module is the digital counterpart. The display of all group video calls is always sorted by popularity and number of participants within the calls. The number of participants in the group video calls is limited to 25.


Based on Basic or Pro Package

Both the Basic Package and the Pro Package can be extended with any number of advanced functions.

Licences for Vimeo, Zoom and Webex (various sizes)

talque offers various licences for Vimeo, Zoom and Webex, which organisers can book flexibly without having to create and/or buy their own accounts with external providers.

Job board

The job board function enables the integration of individual job postings within an event. Each job posting can be assigned to specific company profiles and contact persons. This makes contacting job seekers and HR managers a breeze. In addition, it is possible to add media and documents to provide further information on the job posting.

Products and catalogues

The product catalogue enables the integration of individual product and service profiles within an event Each product and service profile can be assigned to specific company profiles and contact persons. This makes contacting participants who want to find out about a product or service and the respective company members quick and efficient. In addition, media and documents can be added to provide further information about the product or service. Product categories (multi-level hierarchy possible) of organisers can be taken over or entered.

Ticket shop integration

talque supports the connection of ticketing systems such as Aditus and Pretix. Participant data (incl. information on booked sessions) are automatically transferred to talque after the ticket purchase. If different ticket categories are offered for sale, talque can recognise these with the “ticket categories” function and automatically implement them technically.

Ticket categories

The visibility of sessions can be restricted by ticket categories for different groups of participants. This gives organisers the opportunity to differentiate their participants and to map different ticket categories on the platform.

Website Plug In

Put an end to duplicate content maintenance! We have the right website plug-in for WordPress and Java Script (e.g. Typo 3, FirstSpirit, Neos, Redaxo, Drupal, Jimdo) for all event organisers. Our website plug-in enables automatic integration of marketing-relevant data (agenda, speakers, companies, sponsors, etc.) into the event website. The data maintenance of the website content is always done in talque. SEO conformity/speaking URL and integration of ticketing links also offer the opportunity to significantly increase ticketing sales.

Registration form

For free events, the talque registration form is primarily suitable for registering participants for individual events. The registration form is directly linked to the participant management in the adiminstration area of talque. After registration, participant data automatically ends up in the participant list in talque. Of course, organisers can determine the participant data to be retrieved themselves. The approval process (incl. confirmation email) is also possible.

Marketing website incl. Plug In

Upon request, talque can create a marketing website/micro site for individual events. This website includes the talque website plug-in and thus the integration and display of the marketing-relevant data from the talque backend (general event information, speakers, agenda, sponsors, partners, exhibitors). All data on the website is managed via the talque admin area of the event. This means that duplicate content maintenance is obsolete and any changes within talque are applied directly to the website.

Interactive map

talque enables the import of hall vector data, e.g. from AutoCAD. Alternatively, the import of a bitmap graphic can also be implemented. The setup and import of location objects for the interactive hall plan (exhibitor stand areas, stages and meeting tables) is possible manually from an existing database or via API.

1:1 meetings on site

This function offers participants the chance to schedule appointments directly on site. The integration of the personal calendar via Google or Microsoft ensures that participants are only shown the appointments that are actually available. Organisers can store physical meeting spots in the administration area of talque, including a map, location description based on capacities and priorities. Time slots can also be defined so that certain meeting spots can only be booked by participants at fixed times. This makes it possible to effectively implement hygiene concepts, for example. Dedicated tables/room resources can also be allocated to certain companies (exhibitors/sponsors).

Live stream in the company profile

This function allows live streams to be included in individual company profiles away from the official agenda.

Company profile assessment

Participants are assigned a points quota on talque with which company profiles/pitches/posters can be rated. Administrators of the event can view the participants’ ratings in the company/pitch/poster list.

3D products

3D products refer to the integration of 3D visualised products directly in company profiles. This function offers participants a completely new way of experiencing products. In cooperation with the company Roooms, talque also offers the creation of such 3D visualisations of products and their integration.

Slot booking for exhibitors

Agenda items predefined by organisers can be made available to exhibitors for booking based on links. Sessions can include predefined formats (live streams, round tables, webinars). After booking, exhibitors can add information to agenda items on their own. Event organisers can view bookings in the talque admin area at any time.

Full-time remote or on-site support

The success of every event is our top priority. talque always guarantees comprehensive and reliable event support before, during and after the event. During Full Time Support, members of talque’s event management team are available on site or digitally as a central contact person for the entire event period.

Custom Development

Are you missing a function or do you need a very special development for your event? Then a custom development is the perfect solution for you.

Frequently asked questions

How long can my participants access the event content after the event?

Once your event is over, participants can access the content of your event for a further 30 days. There are no further costs for you. During this time, participants can, for example, watch recorded videos, continue to find out about products and jobs, download presentations etc. Interaction via the personal 1:1 chat in talque is also possible. If you would like to make your event available for longer than 30 days, simply book the event archive extension.

My event is longer than 2 days. What will additional event days cost me?

Of course, you can organise events with us that last longer than 2 days.
The price depends on the scope of your functions. Please contact our sales team for more information.

I have several events spread throughout the year. Do you offer special conditions for this?

We offer discounted prices for multiple events. Depending on the number of your events, we have different discounts. For more information about the discounts, please contact our sales team. We also offer the possibility of a community extension. Here you get a certain contingent of functions and participants for a monthly subscription and can organise as many events as you want within the contingent.

Is there a subscription model?

In addition to the pricing of individual events, we also offer the possibility of a subscription model, which is intended for the organisation of multiple events and communities. Please contact our sales team if you are interested.

I have more than 250 participants. What costs will I incur?

You expect more than 250 participants? Then each additional participant costs you €4. With this simple pricing, you always have transparency over your costs and can be sure that your event is billed according to demand.

How many administrators can I add?

Collaborative and efficient working is our top priority. Unlike many of our competitors, we have no limit on the number of administrators. You can add your whole team to your workspace.

What does collaborative CMS mean?

Collaborative CMS means that you can work as a team with all parties involved in your event. This includes speakers and companies, staff, project teams etc. While you, as the event manager, can fully concentrate on the organisation of the event, you can delegate the creation of profiles and the uploading and updating of content to all parties involved.

For me, neither Basic nor Pro fit. Can I still organise an event with talque?

You can’t classify yourself under either Basic or Pro? Then get in touch with us and together we will find the best solution for you.

Community extension? Explain that to me, please!

Imagine you have recurring workshops, lectures, trainings and much more throughout the year. Ideally, you have created a network in talque and want to build on your creative and organisational work independently. The community concept allows you to do just that. You can independently manage your event network over any period of time without having to be in constant contact with us and coordinate individual offers for individual events.

I have questions about individual functions. Who do I contact?

Our sales team is always happy to hear from you and is at your disposal with help and advice. Use our contact form or arrange a demo directly.