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Connect everyone with interactive sessions

talque offers unique and flexible session formats

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Whether it’s for a conference, a corporate event or a trade show: An event thrives on bringing the right people together. With talque you offer all participants different ways to interact.

Especially for hybrid or purely digital events, it is important to provide different opportunities for exchange. Be it virtual round tables, unconference calls, session chat or sub-sessions – only by bringing people together can synergies be created. Use talque’s session formats to optimize the exchange at your event.

Your top features for interactive exchange

Bring everyone together, even online. Engage in exciting interactions at our virtual round tables.




User-generated sessions (coming soon) are a valuable addition to your event: let your community take the lead.




What’s the topic? Your participants decide in the Unconference Module.



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Virtual Round Tables

talque’s virtual round tables facilitate topic-related exchanges in groups through video calls within the event agenda. The video calls, conducted via talque’s video call system, can accommodate three to 25 participants

During the calls, participants can share their screens for message exchange and raise their hands virtually. Additionally, users can integrate other external video conferencing tools with a forwarding button.

User-generated sessions (coming soon)

Give your participants the freedom to shape the content and leverage their social skills. With talque, members of your community can create their own meeting formats that are relevant to them, with or without an approval process by the community organizer. Both virtual and on-site meetings are supported.

Whether it’s a lunch gathering, coffee talk, or webinar, empower your community to decide how they want to come together or share knowledge. The possibilities are endless, ranging from socializing to learning and sharing knowledge—let your community define the agenda.

Unconference module

Facilitate direct communication with the Unconference module, where conference participants take the lead in deciding event topics. This module enables the creation of individual group video calls, each focusing on a dedicated topic, breaking up the event agenda.

It provides an exclusive space for participants with access to coordinated livestreams or roundtables. Exhibitors and sponsors can actively contribute their content, offering opportunities for targeted sponsorship or refinancing. If you like barcamps, this feature will capture your interest.

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Other session formats


Sub-sessions allow you to create a separate agenda within a single session. This feature is typically used in a livestream with multiple speakers at different times.

Sub-sessions can help to present a chronological program sequence in a visually clear way in the info section of a session. If a livestream contains several speakers with different thematic content and handouts, the respective individual description texts, speaker profiles and handouts can also be displayed separately in the session.

The display of the individual subsession can be configured to expand and collapse.

Session chat

The talque session chat is a communication tool for individual agenda items. This chat can be used in combination with livestreams to enable an exchange between speakers and participants.

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