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The agenda: the perfect guide through every conference

Conferences are places where people come together to exchange ideas, listen to lectures, attend workshops or discuss various problems and topics. Especially when there are several sessions, a clear and concise presentation is therefore important to show visitors where which event is taking place at what time with which speakers and participants. The agenda on talque allows visitors to easily orientate themselves and directly find the sessions relevant to them. Sessions can be easily added to the personal calendar. This allows for flexible planning of one's own event day. The ticket category function of talque also allows certain sessions to be made visible only to a selected part of the audience.

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„It’s a people’s business"

Networking and interaction are as much a part of conferences as the air that you breathe. People remember each other better if they have met before. So meeting face-to-face is essential, and talque makes getting to know each other and networking a pure pleasure. In addition to bookable meeting spots for participants on-site, participants can arrange to meet each other via 1:1 video call, chat, participate in speed dating and always take into account their own calendar and time zone. talque's matchmaking function is the perfect icebreaker and quickly brings people together based on their interests and skills. The "Unconference" function also allows participants to independently create digital roundtables with their own topics, which each participant can attend on-site or digitally from home or on the go.

Sharing knowledge and ideas

The talque chat allows people to share knowledge and ideas with each other at any time. Sending pictures, videos, PDFs and many other files is possible both in the browser and in the app. Presentations and handouts can be attached to presentations and discussions as downloads with just a few clicks. Your event becomes a collection point and archive for the most important and relevant information of your visitors.

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