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All features at a glance


All features for the organization and content collection of your event

Content integration in company profiles

To present your company as comprehensively as possible and to highlight different facets, you can add various images, videos and documents to your company profile. This gives interested parties an exciting impression of what your company does and who is behind it.

Job postings

The job board function enables the integration of individual job postings within an event. Each job posting can be assigned to specific company profiles and contact persons. This makes contacting job seekers and HR managers a breeze. In addition, it is possible to add media and documents to provide more info about the job posting.

  • Job board setup (segmentation and, if necessary, multi-level hierarchical filtering options)
    Linking of job profiles with company profiles, media, documents and contact person(s)
  • Jobs contain by default each up to 3 videos, 5 images as well as 2 possible documents (e.g. PDF document) and any number of dedicated contact person(s) (e.g. recruiter, technical contact person)
  • The field names and descriptions (placeholder texts) can be individually adapted to the event

Presentation of products and services

Companies and brands can present themselves comprehensively in the individually customizable exhibitor profiles.

The integration of logos, banners and detailed company descriptions are just the beginning. Employees can be assigned to companies and contacted directly by visitors – via chat or video telephony or, of course, directly on site.

Collaborative CMS

Add all participating companies and speakers to the talque CMS and send them editing links for their profiles with just one click. From here on, everyone takes over themselves – without sending a flood of mails with change requests to the organizers. Benefit from the advantages:

  • Comprehensive self-service for data maintenance and intuitive operation.
  • Content (e.g. by exhibitors) is maintained in talque and automatically updated on the event website
  • Speakers create their profiles themselves and can also store their presentations
  • automatic integration of content on the event website (exhibitor catalog, product catalog, agenda, speakers) via web plugin
  • suitable for any CMS (WordPress, Typo3 etc.)
  • perfect interaction for further marketing and information transfer in advance

Custom Tabs

Custom Tabs are customizable menu items. They can be used to include additional content such as FAQs, Support/Infopoint, Social Media Walls. Individual custom tabs can be expanded by any number of submenu items and thus ideally structure further information.

Upload function

Any form of document can be added to a profile. In this case, the file type can be defined by the administrator. The most popular and expressive formats are:

  • Presentations
  • Handouts
  • Resumes

Speakers e.g. can upload a presentation in any format like PDF, Powerpoint, Keynote, ODT as well as additional documents e.g. videos with up to 256 MB each when editing their presentation details. Handouts are then automatically made available for download in the associated agenda item.

Speaker and user profiles

All members of an event community create their own profiles. A distinction is made between user profiles, speaker profiles, company profiles and product profiles.

Example speaker profile:

  • Simple creation of speaker profiles by event organizers: manually or via CSV.
  • Required are first name, last name and e-mail address of the speaker
  • Speakers can then enter data themselves without registering: Drag & drop data upload and automated reminders.
  • After going through the onboarding process, the profiles are active
  • Agenda points can be assigned to the respective profiles: Sessions can thus be linked to the speakers

Technical requirements

  • Easy request for technical info from stakeholders via talque CMS.
  • Form is filled out by speakers/moderators
  • The information from the presenter can be viewed and downloaded in the admin interface

Exhibitor registration form

  • Individually customizable by the organizer
  • Organizer can select early in the selection process
  • Makes early creation of exhibitor profile possible
  • Mail notification of a new exhibitor request
  • Automated sending of invoices


For an international audience, you need the right language. In order to reach your target audience, talque currently supports the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese

Optionally, you can add one or more second languages for your event.

Media Gallery

Media galleries refer to the integration of videos and images in company/content profiles on talque. Event organizers and profile members such as employees can upload and update content independently as well as collaboratively. Videos and images are displayed as embedded view in company/content profiles. Each media gallery includes up to 20 images and up to 5 videos per company/content profile by default. The maximum size per file is 500 MB. Participants can launch videos directly from the talque app from their smartphone or browser. File Gallery refers to the integration of documents in company/content profiles on talque. Event organizers and profile members such as employees can upload and update content independently and collaboratively. Documents are displayed as available downloads in company/content profiles.
Possible file formats are: pdf, ps, eps, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, ppsx, xls, xlsx, odt, odp, key, pages, numbers. Each file gallery contains up to 20 documents per company/content profile by default. The maximum size per file is 500 MB.


All features for a detailed evaluation and maximum reach of your event

Performance dashboard and evaluations

Our tracking capabilities provide comprehensive information about your visitors:

They provide insights into interactions, bounce rates, matchmaking data and much more. This data optimizes the understanding of your audience – of course in compliance with DSGVO regulations.

An intuitive view of the performance dashboard, lead tracking, and our digital capture make it easy to analyze your event data.

Lead Lists

Lead lists standard

  • After event download of DSGVO compliant personal lead lists by exhibitor contacts.
  • Lead list includes personal contacts (attendees chatted with or appointments held) of each exhibitor staff member

Lead lists premium

  • “Request more information” button on company profile
  • Download of GDPR compliant lead list with contact details of all attendees who clicked “Request more information” button
  • Download of GDPR compliant personal lead list by exhibitors’ contact persons
  • Personal lead list includes information about each exhibitor contact’s chats

Event calendar

Thanks to our web plugin, the data fed into talque is clearly displayed: E.g. in the form of the event calendar, which gives your visitors an exact overview of the upcoming events.

Micro Site

Upon request, talque can create a marketing website/micro site for individual events. This website includes the talque website plugin and thus the integration and playout of the marketing relevant data from the talque backend (general event information, speakers, agenda, sponsors, partners, exhibitors). All data on the website is managed via the talque admin area of the event. This means that duplicate content maintenance is obsolete and any changes within talque are applied directly to the website.

Ticket integration

The connection to any common ticket store is possible via webhook.

Ticket categories

The visibility of sessions can be restricted based on ticket categories for different participant groups.

With the help of this function, the content offered can be adapted to the respective category. This ensures that each target group also gets the right extras displayed.


For free events, the talque registration form is primarily suitable for registering and enrolling participants for individual events. The registration form is directly linked to the participant management in talque’s adiminstration area. After registration, participant data automatically ends up in the participant list in talque. Of course, organizers can determine the participant data to be queried themselves. The approval process (incl. confirmation mail) is also possible.


Each event can be branded individually. Backgrounds, logos, tag colors can be adapted to your own CI. The entire visual look of an event can be adjusted quickly and easily in talque’s administration area.

  • Whitelabel mobile app with own app store appearance
  • Customization via app icon, splash screen when opening the app, login page
  • Numerous graphic elements for your CI: e.g. central CI color can be adapted for buttons and action elements, background graphic in the agenda section, favicon, etc.

Only events of the customer are accessible via the whitelabel app (so-called “agency ID”).

Premium placement of logos

Logos of partners or main sponsors can be positioned particularly prominently in the event.


All functions around the realization of your event with talque

Easy talque

Easy generation of a website for the event

  • Integration and playout of marketing relevant data from talque backend
  • Interactive live view with integration of livestream and (optional)
  • Interaction tool ( , Mentimeter, Vimeo Chat, Election Runner etc.) while the event is running


Events thrive on interpersonal interaction. With talque matchmaking, participants find suitable contacts in the shortest possible time. A state-of-the-art matching algorithm generates suitable contact suggestions in percent (based on profiles/tags + machine learning / AI) on the basis of the individual matching information. This turns professional and private contact making on talque into a completely new experience.

  • Each participant goes through the matchmaking process only once. Afterwards talque automatically shows each participant his best contacts at the event.
  • The questions and answer options in the matchmaking process can be individually selected by the organizer. Different target groups can be defined to which other questions are displayed.
  • Interest questions as well as “I am looking for…” and “I offer…” questions are also provided – for perfect matchmaking.

Best Matches

People can specify their professional interests, the topics they actively need help with, or where they can help themselves in return, and invite others for 1:1 exchanges.

  • Members can find and exchange ideas based on topics
  • Best Matches show the current best matches within the community and encourage exchanges


talque Speeddating encourages interactive networking. Based on their matchmaking results, participants are assigned video calls with matching or relevant contacts within an event.

  • One-time or also as a permanent community institution
  • Participants can register in advance or join spontaneously
  • Members are matched in short video calls
  • Icebreaker: common interests are displayed
  • Personal networking, if both parties agree


The talque chat is the individual communication tool for every person who has a talque account. Here messages, pictures, videos and many other documents up to 256 MB can be exchanged bilaterally or in group chats. The conversation and the associated chat history remain independent of the events with the own contacts. talque users have access to it at any time. In addition, talque chat enables spontaneous or scheduled 1:1 video calls.

  • Meeting and video call requests are made and answered directly from the chat
  • Besides 1:1 chats, groups can also be created
  • File exchange (up to 256 MB!) per
    1-Click possible

Direct video calls are also possible for personal contacts.

1:1 meeting function

talque connects: With the 1:1 meeting function, you can enable your participants to have an informal, direct exchange. Meeting participants simply choose when and where (digitally or on-site) they want to meet and exchange ideas on a specific topic.


  • Any user can post publicly to the community
  • Other members respond via comments: perfect for knowledge sharing, feedback, help requests and sharing key learnings
  • Cross-device synchronization

Unconference module

  • Own spontaneous meetings on flexible topics can be created ad hoc within barcamps or topic lounges with other participants
  • Possible exclusive circle of participants with access to coordinated livestreams or roundtables
  • Possibility for pre-events before the main event
  • Placement of own content by all participants possible
  • Exhibitors and partners can also contribute content here – targeted sponsoring or refinancing is possible

Aussteller- und Session-Chat

  • An automatically popping up chat is available in the exhibitor profile, through which the participant can get in touch with the exhibitor in real time
  • Companies can pre-formulate a chat message that is automatically displayed to participants shortly after they enter the company profile
  • For the exhibitor, each participant message becomes a separate thread, which he can reply to individually on desktop and mobile
  • Incoming chat messages are displayed to all available company contacts
  • Company contacts can set their availability status themselves at any time in the app or on the desktop in real time

Event agenda

Give your attendees the opportunity to get detailed information about the event program here. You will find all important key facts as well as details about sessions and sub-sessions, workshops or pitches.

In addition, everyone can put together their own schedule, register for program items and add them to their personal calendar. If sessions are fully booked, it is possible to move up via the waiting list.

Interactive floor plan

Give your attendees the opportunity to get detailed information about the event program here. You will find all important key facts as well as details about sessions and sub-sessions, workshops or pitches.

In addition, everyone can put together their own schedule, register for program items and add them to their personal calendar. If sessions are fully booked, it is possible to move up via the waiting list.


Subsession allows you to create a separate agenda within a single session. This feature is typically used in a livestream with multiple speakers at different times. Subsessions can help make a chronological program sequence visually clear in the info section of a session. If a livestream contains several speakers with different thematic content and handouts, the respective individual description texts, speaker profiles and handouts can also be displayed separately in the session. The display of the individual subsession can even be expanded and collapsed

Networking on site

Networking made easy – whip out your smartphone, open the talque app and get started:

  • Scan the talque user app code and start networking.
  • A chat is created between users and a welcome message is sent by the system “You are now networked!”
  • Watch your own contact network grow in a relaxed way with talque

Personal calendar

  • Simple and intuitive: directly as a request in the chat or in the visitor profile
  • Differentiation: on-site or remote meeting, therefore video call or in person
  • Calendar integration and automatic synchronization
  • Location selection: Hall, booth, table, etc.

Location and time zone logic: to ensure the meeting, the location as well as the time zone are taken into account when making the appointment

Integration of chat, Q&A and polls

  • Integration of chat, Q&A and/or poll directly in the agenda items.
  • Iframe-based interaction tool (, Mentimeter, Vimeo Chat, Election Runner, etc.)
  • Flexible use per agenda

Rating function

Immediately after the session, your attendees will be invited to submit a rating. This way you get direct feedback on speakers, company profiles, pitches or poster presentations.

Video live streaming

talque provides you with Vimeo livestreaming license(s). This includes 1 GB livestreaming quota per participant. The livestreams can be integrated into agenda items.

Joint booth

Possible with or without prior registration. Video calls can be integrated directly into agenda items. The integration of all common conferencing systems is possible. Number of participants can be limited.


Content can be authored and received on any device: desktop PC, tablet or smartphone, WebApp or App

  • Synchronization across devices
  • The output display is optimized according to the device
  • Barrier-free according to BITV 2.0 through native font size adaptation

Registration free access

  • Easy access to the event via a link
  • Access to hall plan etc. even without visitor registration, e.g. on touch screens at events (kiosk mode)
  • All functionalities available except for contact options

Announcement email and push messages

  • Push messages with current information
  • Possibility to trigger only certain subgroups here
  • Email fallback: notification also possible via email

Our Support

Project Management

Every event at talque is personally accompanied by our dedicated and dynamic project management team. Beyond introductory events for organizers, trainings and support in event preparation, they are reliable contacts for all matters.


talque offers its own video trainings for the use of the platform for the respective organizer teams. In addition to handouts and other helpful training materials, there is always the possibility to contact the talque project management team for questions and answers.

Full Time Remote Support

The success of every event is our top priority. talque always guarantees comprehensive and reliable event support before, during and after the event. During Full Time Remote Support, members of talque’s event management team are available remotely as central contact persons for the entire event period.

Vollzeit-Support (vor Ort)

The success of every event is our top priority talque always guarantees comprehensive and reliable event support before, during and after the event. During Full Time Remote Support, members of talque’s event management team are available on site as a central contact person for the entire event period.

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