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Customers all around the world trust in talque

We partner with numerous clients from a wide range of industries. On this page you will find event examples and case studies to give you insights into our work.
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These customers rely on talque

These and many other partners trust in our work and have already organized numerous successful events with talque.

Oliver Reisner

Managing Director, Westerwelle Foundation
"The use of talque for the Young Founders Conference was especially helpful for us in organizing the event in advance. Our participants were able to inform themselves about speakers and sessions before the event and thanks to the user friendly interface they were able to find their way around the platform with ease. A successful conference with talque!" 2021

Kristin Schreiner

Manager Digital Platforms & Partnerships, NürnbergMesse GmbH
"Despite the fact that MedtecLIVE & SUMMIT had to take place virtually due to Covid-19 in 2020 as well as in 2021, we were able to master this challenge together with talque and implement the switch from analog to digital in the shortest possible time. The concept, a combination of hybrid XR studio & live moderation and the integration into the talque platform, thrilled our participants and set new benchmarks for digital events in terms of quality and experience." 2021

Aranka Holes

"With talque we found a platform that is straightforward and user-friendly for both our event management team as well as for all our participants. We particularly liked the support. Our needs and wishes were taken care of at any time and we found the personal contact to talque crucial for a great cooperation." 2021

Jochen Georg

Project Lead (Messe Karlsruhe)
"talque equipped us with the possibilty to transform our conference & trade show from a hybrid event to a purely digital event in a very short time. We were able to create sustainable acceptance for the digital formats and are happy to keep offering our participants from over 60 different countries a convenient solution for attending the event in the future. 2021

Boris Jebsen

Founder, droidcon
"The digital tool "talque" was a great addition for the participants of this year's .droidconBerlin to network even more effectively with other developers on site. The analysis of the anonymized attendee data provided us with valuable insights for planning the next events." 2018

Kristin Schreiner
Manager Digital Platforms & Partnerships, NürnbergMesse GmbH
"Mit talque haben wir den Switch der MedtecLive & Summit 2021 von analog auf digital geschafft und viele Herausforderungen gemeinsam gemeistert. Unsere Besucher und Partner waren von Kombination unseres hybriden Streaming Studios und der integration in talque begeistert"
Oliver Reisner
Geschäftsführer, Westerwelle Foundation
"Der Einsatz von talque für die Young Founders Conference hat uns besonders bei der Organisation des Events vorab sehr geholfen. Unsere Teilnehmer:innen konnten sich vor dem Event über Speaker:innen und Agendapunkte informieren und fanden sich dank des einfachen Benutzerinterfaces jederzeit problemlos in der Plattform zurecht. Eine gelungene Konferenz mit talque!"
Boris Jebsen
Gründer, droidcon
"Das digitale tool „talque“ war für die Teilnehmer der diesjährigen .droidconBerlin eine tolle Ergänzung, um sich noch effektiver mit anderen Entwicklern vor Ort zu vernetzen. Die Auswertung der anonymisierten Teilnehmerdaten hat uns wertvolle Ergebnisse für die Planung der nächsten Events geliefert."

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