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talque as a platform for your community building

Whether for events, company or clubs - with us you bring people together.

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Boost and manage your community – with talque as event platform

It’s the most natural thing in the world: people have always organized themselves into social groups. When everyone manages to work together and efficiently on the same goal, then the mere group becomes a real community.

An active community has many advantages: Knowledge transfer, inspiration, synergies – together people can move a lot. talque supports you in building and boost your community. Whether it’s a private forum around a topic, a learning platform or the organization of team members – we offer you various possibilities to create and organize your community.

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How to manage your community with talque

With detailed user profiles, every member has the opportunity to present themselves individually. Based on these profiles, matching people can network with each other – thanks to our matchmaking, this is even easier than ever before.

Various session and meeting formats bring your community together. It doesn’t matter if it’s online, at a hybrid event or an on-site meeting. A variety of chat, posting, and video call options activate your community to share and interact more.

Help people connect, pursue common interests, or collaborate efficiently!

For more networking & exchange

Bring your members together – with our Best Matches feature.

Privacy & Security

DSGVO-compliant and with EU server location: Your data is safe with us.

Livestream function

Reach all your members with our livestream – no matter where they are.

User generated sessions

Let your community actively co-create your togetherness.

Community building around events

Whether it’s a festival, trade fair, conference or any other type of event, people come together who have a common interest. The ideal basis for building a solid community. With talque you manage to stay in contact with your visitors all year round. You transform the unique event experience for all participants into a year-round active community – a 365-day event, so to speak.

The posting feature not only keeps your visitors up to date, but also encourages them to share their own content. This way you get user-generated content around your event. With talque you manage to create a year-round touchpoint with your visitors and build an active community.

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Community building for companies

A company is also a social group in which participation and appreciation play a central role. In order to successfully build a true team community, all employees must have the opportunity to actively participate in the community.

In times of mobile working and home offices, it has become more difficult to achieve an interactive team structure due to the physical distance of the employees. With our platform you create a digital workplace for your team. Posting and messaging functions as well as video calls create space for exchange and bring your team together – no matter whether from the desk at home, the meeting room in the office or from the workstation in the vacation home.

Communication between employees and the company is also facilitated with talque as a platform. In just a few steps you get your own intranet and can publish company-wide news posts.

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Networking within your community

With talque, you bring together what belongs together: By networking community members based on common interests or topics, you create new synergies.

Here’s how it works:

  • Members can find and exchange ideas based on topics – regardless of where they are.
  • Best matches show the current best matches within the community and encourage exchange
  • People can define their interests, the topics they actively need help with or where they can help themselves in return and invite other people to a 1:1 exchange

Data security for your community

Our platform has high security standards – data protection, security and low barriers are our top priorities. You as the event organizer retain sovereignty over the event data, and the user data remains with the respective users. Previous clients – including highly data protection-sensitive ones – have tested talque for DSGVO compliance many times. Conclusion: Safe is safe, at least with talque.


Live and in color: with the livestream from talque.
You’re planning a big event, but your community members are scattered far and wide? No problem with the livestream option. A wide range of interactive options with livestream and chat also involve those who can’t be there live and make them active contributors to your event.

More interaction with user-generated sessions

Whether it’s a webinar, a lunch, a discussion round or a joint coffee talk: with talque, your community can become active itself. Thanks to the various session options, your users can decide for themselves how they want to meet and thus come together in different ways.

You are free to create sessions with or without approval by the community organizer. Build on the creativity of your members and let yourself be surprised!

Content Hub

Datenmanagement neu gedacht: simpler Self-Service zur Dateneinholung durch die Stakeholder – einfache Kommunikation mit Referenten und Partner.


Maximale Sichtbarkeit für Events durch Einsatz von Content Plugins – Agenda, Speaker, Aussteller, Sponsoren und Produkte


Mehr Interaktion und Information für Besucher: die talque-App

Digitale/hybride Events

Individuelle und kreative Umsetzung: das gesamte Event kann über die talque-Plattform stattfinden und auch digitale Besucher werden optimal integriert

Content Hub

Data management rethought: simple self-service for data collection by stakeholders – easy communication with speakers and partners.


Maximum visibility for events through use of content plugins – agenda, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and products

Ons-site events

More interaction and information for visitors: the talque app

Digital/hybrid events

Individual and creative implementation: the entire event can take place via the talque platform and digital visitors are also optimally integrated

Why talque

Your community is close to our hearts, because: So our focus has always been on bringing the right people together. In the meantime, we have developed many innovative meeting and matchmaking formats to promote social interaction at events and in communities – whether digital, hybrid or on-site.
With a decade of experience in community and events, we have the know-how to boost community and promote active exchange.

More than a platform - talque as an app for your community

Let’s talqueactivate your members or event visitors to interact and share more. Grow your community and proactively strengthen their cohesion and way of communicating.

Networking & Exchange

With talque, you not only help your members find suitable contacts in the community, but also give them the opportunity to get in touch in different ways. Using our matchmaking, speed dating and creative session formats, your participants playfully connect with the right contacts.

Meaningful profiles

Personal and individual: with talque user profiles, each team member also has a face and a voice online. Various information and documents can be actively stored by the participants and made available for download. With the help of the profiles, community members are networked and can get in touch with each other.


Keep your community up to date all year round: With the Newspost function, you and your members can publish news within the community. Share different content formats such as images, videos or texts and encourage your employees to exchange ideas: Every community member can react to the postings with a comment. Ideal for pooling knowledge and creating synergies.

Exchange via chat and video call

Let’s talque! The personal exchange in a 1:1 chat or in the whole group is possible at any time with our platform. Meeting and video call requests can be made directly from the chat and files can be sent with just one click. If the members are already networked, direct video calls are also no problem.


Like Tinder – but for business. With our virtual speed dating, you network your members and encourage interaction. The feature can be set up either permanently or as a one-time function. Your employees are matched in short video calls by our algorithm. To break the ice and find an immediate conversation starter, the tool immediately shows the common interests.

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