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How Hinterland of Things 2022 turned into a highly interactive and successful event using talque as their platform

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17,909 chat messages sent and
715 in-person meetings scheduled

Hinterland of Things is one of the most renowned tech conferences in Germany. The mission of this cutting-edge conference is to spark technological development and innovation in the German Mittelstand.
The conference brings together entrepreneurs, VC partners and startups to facilitate networking, knowledge exchange and innovation.

Each year, Hinterland of Things hosts more than 1300 participants. Startups, corporates and investors from around the world meet in Bielefeld, Nordrhein Westfalen.

In 2020, talque began working with Hinterland of Things to help them use digital tools to boost interaction at their on-site event.

Hinterland of Things stage and audience

After postponing their 2021 conference due to Covid, the conference came back in full swing in June 2022 with their greatest event yet.

Keep reading to see how we made it happen!

The Challenge: Connecting participants & boosting engagement

The Hinterland of Things Conference 2022 was an action-packed day of expert talks, panel discussions, networking sessions and masterclasses.

Since the goal of the conference is to foster meaningful connections among attendees, sponsors and exhibitors, in-person interaction is key. Therefore, our mission was to drive on-sight engagement using digital tools.

Participants at the event hope to network and learn from leaders in their field. Sponsors and exhibitors aim to find leads and grow their businesses. Our goal was to facilitate these connections in an efficient manner.

Another goal was to make the registration process for the Hinterland of Things masterclasses as easy as possible for the attendees. Since spots in these masterclasses are limited, the registration system also had to offer a waiting list. talque therefore had to adapt the registration process accordingly.

Speakers and Moderators of Hinterland of Things in the talque app

The Solution: Early possibilities to network, easy navigation & useful features

Event organizers at Hinterland of Things needed a trustworthy platform that would allow attendees to navigate the event and make meaningful connections. Thanks to our interactive event platform, the conference was able to achieve its goals and host an outstanding event.

Before the event: Onboarding & Networking

Attendees, sponsors and exhibitors were able to start networking even before the event started: Two weeks before the conference, users could create a talque profile and begin to network via our messaging app and video call platform. With talque’s “speed-networking” feature, attendees could schedule onsite meetings with ease.

Agenda of Hinterland of Things in the talque mobile app

During the event: Easy navigation thanks to the agenda and floor plan

Once attendees arrived, they could navigate the event with talque’s interactive map and plan their day using our customizable agenda. These digital tools help event planners save time and reduce waste – paper flyers are not needed anymore. The visitors have all needed information directly at hand via the talque app. Helping the environment is one of the many advantages of going hybrid with talque.

More useful features: Newsfeed, notifications & registrations

The newsfeed was another useful feature which allowed attendees to receive real-time updates. In addition, attendees could opt to receive push-notifications to remind them of the start times for speaker sessions.

Founders Stage at Hinterland of Things Conference

talque also helped attendees register for Hinterland of Things masterclasses. The easy registration process is a key advantage of our platform. Not only was the app helpful for attendees, but it also allowed exhibitors and sponsors connect with their audience.
In addition to these key features, talque offered quick and reliable support to the Hinterland of Things team. At talque, we prioritize customer support so that event planning is an easy and streamlined process. Therefore, our operations team was online during the event to help with any questions, spontaneous needs and problems that could occur.

“Communicating with the talque team was wonderful. They handled our questions and spontaneous changes with ease.”

Greta Uhr, project manager at Hinterland of Things

The Results: High engagement, lively interaction and great feedback

According to the feedback of the organizers and attendees as well as the numbers seen in our data base, the Hinterland of Things Conference 2022 was a great success! Attendees sent 17,909 chat messages – an average of 36.6 per person – using the talque app. This number shows the high interaction among the visitors and is a big plus for every event.

Further, participants also booked 4,908 sessions and scheduled 715 in-person 1:1 meetings – these are numbers that every event planner hopes for.

“Thanks to talque, we were able to host an incredible number of meetings.”

Greta Uhr, project manager at Hinterland of Things

The talque app was quite popular with event participants: 70% of participants signed up for the platform.

After the event, we spoke with Greta Uhr, project manager at Hinterland of Things, to reflect on the event experience. She was thrilled with the numbers and enjoyed collaborating with the talque team.

Customers were just as pleased with the event platform: The agenda, registration and newsfeed features had played a key role in making the event a success.

reminders, push notifications, and newsfeed on the talque app

“The talque app worked seamlessly. It was easy to use and we felt confident implementing it at our event.”

Greta Uhr, project manager at Hinterland of Things

Having completed this great event, we are excited to see what the next year will bring with Hinterland of Things.

Are you hoping to make your event even better by boosting engagement and incorporating cutting-edge digital tools? Let’s talque!

Schedule a call with us and we will make your dream event a reality.