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talque partner program

Let’s build a strong business partnership

Help your customers host better events. Choose between Referrer, Technology Partner, Reseller and Value Added Reseller. We offer the right collaboration for every business type.




Value Added Reseller

Value Added Reseller is compelling for those active in the event industry, such as event agencies, media production companies, or in other capacities. As a Value Added Reseller, you integrate talque into your toolkit and present it to your clients when the use case aligns. This partnership is non-exclusive. Our aim is for you to consistently guide your clients in the right direction and always have the best solution at hand.


As a Value Added Reseller, you gain access to extensive benefits. This partnership provides you with a share of the revenue from closed deals or a purchase discount on all deals you secure with your clients. Additionally, you will receive personalized marketing materials, sales documents, and your own talque demo network. You can set up and manage your own demo network, conduct demos, or organize small test events with potential customers. Training sessions for talque will be provided to you and your team, making you an integral part of the talque community. This ensures you are always informed about the latest features and developments. Lastly, you receive an official talque partner certificate, allowing you to showcase your talque expertise, for instance, on your website.


As a Referrer, you recommend our service to potential customers within your network. You initiate the contact, and we handle the entire sales process.


After successfully arranging a meeting or setting up contact with us, you will receive a commission when the deal is closed. The commission’s value will be determined in advance during a personal meeting with our sales team.

Technology Partner

Do you offer complementary technology or wish to add an event platform into your portfolio of services?

We are always open to partner with technology providers to expand the range of functionality and better meet the needs of our customers.


Technology partners enjoy several possible advantages. We offer either a commission if our platform is utilized as a result of your technology, or we can negotiate a revenue share for closed deals. This means that we refer your technology to our customers, regardless of whether our platform is ultimately used.


Sell talque directly to your customers and assist them in creating memorable events. As a reseller, you can operate as an agency or move into the event industry as an independent sales agent for talque.


As a benefit we provide training and certification. You will receive marketing materials and direct access to our Partner Manager. You close the deals, and we take care of onboarding the customers.

And that's how it works

Send us an email specifying the partnership you’re interested in. We’ll reach out to you within 24 hours to schedule a meeting. During this session, we can discuss the details of our partnership and kick off the next steps to get started right away.

Why become a partner?

We firmly believe that a good team achieves the best results. Our goal is to be the premier event and community platform, and we are fully committed to this mission. At the same time, we see the work of many exceptional event agencies, film and media production companies, technical service providers, and more, on a daily basis. Events are particularly successful when a team of experts collaborate and create something great. That’s why we want to cooperate with you and numerous other professionals in the event industry to network and grow together.

Why become a partner?

Over the past 7 years, we have established ourselves as a key player in the event industry. Fueled by our passion to deliver world-class technology for world-class events, we adhere to this principle in building partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

Expand your business

Our affiliate program provides an opportunity for you to enhance your own services and align them with your objectives. As the event industry undergoes digital transformation, partnering with us ensures you have a future-proof partner by your side.

Happy customers

When event attendees are happy, organizers and your clients are too. We operate across all continents and boast clients from over 15 countries. Whether it’s conferences, film and music festivals, trade fairs, or corporate events, partnering with us means gaining a robust and experienced partner capable of handling all event types.

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