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Maximize visibility: We enhance your online presence through various features, ensuring simple and targeted communication with your audience.

talque offers time-saving features tailored to demand-oriented marketing including the event calendar, ticket store, unique content, increased web traffic, ticket categories.

Your top features for optimal marketing opportunities.

Show your audience what to expect with the talque event calender.
Small but mighty: Let the information flow together on a marketing-focused micro-site.
Ensure clarity and display relevant offers – with individual ticket categories.

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Event calender

What’s up next? With the talque event calendar, you can easily create an overview of all upcoming events.

Your audience can easily find relevant events with powerful full text search and individually configurable filters including event formats (e.g. concert), tags (e.g. cultural event), and date (incl. past events).

Micro Site

Here’s how it works:

The integration of marketing-relevant data is done from the talque backend. This includes general event information, speakers, the agenda, sponsors, partners and exhibitors.

The data on the website can then be managed from the talque admin area of the event. The result is a clear, informative website with all relevant information for your target group.

Categorization based on ticket category

The visibility of sessions can be restricted based on ticket categories for different participant groups.

Using this feature, content can be tailored to the respective ticket category. This ensures that each target group receives the most relevant content.

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More features for marketing opportunities

Ticket integration

Thanks to the talque webhook, the connection to ticket systems is easy. New ticket purchases are automatically sent to talque and automatically sents out an invitation, if the feature is activated.

Participant registration

Visitors complete their registration using the talque registration form. The event organizers decide which data is requested, and then this information is automatically is sent to talque.


With our whitelabel feature, you can customize the design of our app to your CI. Customize the event app to match your logo and colors and impress attendees with talque’s features.

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