So beautifully new! Redesign & +50 functions in 2021

November 24, 2021
Patrick Dalacker

So beautifully new! Redesign & +50 functions in 2021 November 24, 2021

So beautifully new! Redesign & +50 functions in 2021

talque? Why am I just hearing about this now? And why does the platform actually look so fancy?

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While the event industry has been going through arguably the most drastic developments ever for almost two years now, countless event organizers focus on evolving their business models through digitization. As painful as it is cancelling events that have been meticulously planned for months, the strategic significance of hybrid and digital concepts has become even more obvious.

In this respect, we at talque see ourselves as enablers and innovation drivers in a new age of the event industry. However, rather than seeking to replace the original form of events, we seek the maximization of added value for everyone involved - regardless of whether the event concept is digital, hybrid or analog. And regardless of whether it is the organizer, participant or exhibitor.

With talque, we want to help shape the future of the event industry - because ultimately the question is not "digital OR analog?", but rather how to combine the best of both worlds. Therefore, we would like to give you an insight into what we have been working on in the past months.

These features get you prepared for digital and hybrid events

At talque, we sensed early on what implications the corona virus could have for the event industry and thus spent a lot of energy on equipping the event platform for completely digital and hybrid formats. Countless developments have been implemented, of which we would like to present three highlights here:

1) Redesign:
In February 2021, just in time for the start of the BIOFACH VIVANESS 2021 eSPECIAL, a complete redesign of the talque platform was released. Since then, the web app and mobile app shine in a new splendor and enjoy great popularity among their users. In addition to many small usability improvements, event organizers particularly appreciate the optimization for desktop and the benefits for remote participants resulting from it. Whether remotely on desktop or on-site on smartphone – a real eye-catcher, we think.

2) Interactive Map / Floor Plan:
Another milestone in product development was the release of the interactive floor plan. And here, the name says it all: the map not only serves as an on-site orientation tool, but also as a central point for keeping track of what’s happening at the event. Since any location (whether exhibitor stands, stages, meeting areas, etc.) can be enriched with additional data, the map transforms into a content hub.
You want to find out more about an exhibitor and, if necessary, make an appointment with them or even start an immediate video call? No problem with the interactive floor plan.
You want to find out whether you can stop by the catering before your next meeting starts? No problem with the interactive floor plan.
You want to find out spontaneously whether a visit to the farthest exhibition hall is worth your time? You got it – floor plan!
FACHPACK and FeuerTrutz 2021 have shown how it’s done.

3) News- and Post Module:
It is nothing new that events live from the interaction between participants, speakers, exhibitors and organizers. With the help of the news and post function, this exchange takes on a new dynamic. Organizers can decide whether the post function can be used exclusively by them or whether all participants can create posts. Posts can therefore be used to publish targeted news about the event or to create a social network feed. Either way, participants gather here for lively discussions on shared contents, such as videos, images and text posts.
ACHEMA Pulse used the news module to draw attention to highlight sessions and to give its premium exhibitors additional visibility.

Here’s what’s happening next

Hybrid events provide planning security in times of uncertainty, and organizers who have a good digital concept also create a safety net for their event. Our experience from hundreds of digital and hybrid events shows that this not only prevents a total loss in case of cancellation, but - quite the opposite - easily contributes to a positive business case. To create even more intuitive and immersive experiences, our team is continuously developing more features. In the future, there will be many exciting modules coming your way, two of which we would like to introduce at this point, which will be available within the next six months:

1) Registration Workflow Update:
In the future there will be a sophisticated permission system, allowing access and editing rights of all participants to be controlled by the organizer. This will allow to define access to specific event areas per target group or for individual participants. In addition, company representatives and speakers could access the platform early for the purpose of entering their content, while participants do not yet have access. Moreover, this allows certain content to be made accessible without registration, e.g. at visitor’s fairs or festivals, and participants only have to log in/register if they want to use an interactive function (e.g. chat).

2) Chat Overlay in Exhibitor Profiles:
In order to make it even easier for exhibitors and sponsors to have targeted exchanges with their audience, there will be the option of a direct chat with the representatives in company profiles. Company representatives can define a responsibility per visitor request, resulting in bilateral chats between the requesting participant and the responsible employee. Attendees consequently have the option of either using the company’s direct chat, which can be handled by multiple employees, or starting 1:1 chats with specific company representatives. Additionally, companies can pre-define a welcome message that is automatically displayed to participants when browsing the company profile.

In the future, you can expect updates and insights about talque here on a regular basis.