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The event process

An event isn’t created overnight, it’s a gradual process. This is where we step in: From initial planning to marketing and execution, talque assists you in hosting successful events, whether they are digital, in-person, or a hybrid format.

Prozess eines Events

Content Hub

Datenmanagement neu gedacht: simpler Self-Service zur Dateneinholung durch die Stakeholder – einfache Kommunikation mit Referenten und Partner.


Maximale Sichtbarkeit für Events durch Einsatz von Content Plugins – Agenda, Speaker, Aussteller, Sponsoren und Produkte


Mehr Interaktion und Information für Besucher: die talque-App

Digitale/hybride Events

Individuelle und kreative Umsetzung: das gesamte Event kann über die talque-Plattform stattfinden und auch digitale Besucher werden optimal integriert

Content Hub

Data management rethought: simple self-service for data collection by stakeholders – easy communication with speakers and partners.


Maximum visibility for events through use of content plugins – agenda, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors and products

Onsite Events

More interaction and information for visitors: the talque app

Digital/hybrid Events

Individual and creative implementation: the entire event can take place via the talque platform and digital visitors are also optimally integrated

talque - a platform for every event

If you organize fairs, festivals, congresses, job fairs, company events or any other events, you’ve come to the right place. We offer customized solutions for your event type and target audience.


Looking for an in-depth exchange? Talque ensures that event attendees engage in meaningful interaction, networking and knowledge exchange.

Networking Events

Making connections has never been easier: With features like speed dating, talque brings momentum to your networking event.


Elevate your trade show experience: maximize interaction, implement tracking and streamline data management with talque.


This is where things are happening: With our agenda and map, attendees can navigate the festival and never miss an act.

Hybrid Events

The best of both worlds: Bring a new level of interaction to your event and let attendees actively participate on the screens.


Build community connections and facilitate successful and secure exchanges with our platform. Whether you are part of a political group, sports club, volunteer organization, or team, we provide the tools you need.

Interested in learning more and getting started on your first event?

talque - a platform for you and your customers

Agency, association or corporate events


Do you want an in-depth exchange? With talque you ensure the interaction, networking and knowledge transfer of your customers.

Corporate Events

Getting to know each other made easy: With features like our speed dating, talque brings momentum into your company.


Take your association to the next level: Bring your members even closer together with our interactive tools.

This is how it's done: Event reports for your industry

Hinterland of Things 2022

Hinterland of Things 2022 x talque – A Case Study

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How Hinterland of Things 2022 turned into a highly interactive and successful event using talque as their platform 17,909 chat messages sent and 715 in-person meetings scheduled Hinterland of Things…
MedtecLIVE & SUMMIT 2021

MedtecLIVE & SUMMIT 2021

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Case Study  The MedtecLIVE & SUMMIT event is a trade fair for medical technology in association with the renowned MedtecSUMMIT Congress & Partnering, which networks all players in the medical…

SDS Case Study

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2,219 chat messages sent 1,679 sessions booked   (Copyright by Simone Frischknecht) The Swiss Conference on Data Science fosters research and collaboration in the Swiss data science community. The conference…