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Video Integration

Video Content in Sessions

If you want to add video content to your sessions you have several options:

  • Prerecorded videos. You can record videos with your speakers in a studio setting and make them available at the scheduled time of the session. When you embed the video in the session, the user experience is like watching a YouTube video. There is no user interaction.
    Alternatively, you can also broadcast prerecorded videos as livestreams to mimick the live effect.
  • Video conferencing. You can integrate a video conferencing tools like Zoom or Jitsi. You can invite a small number of participants into online meeting. All participants can see each other and communicate. You can also use a webinar setting where participants have more limited possibilities to interact with each other.
  • Video livestreams. You can integrate a live stream directly into the talque session. This is the most seamless integration. The user experience it like watching a TV show. You can add user integration through a chat tool.

Video Content in Partner Profiles

Partner profiles allow the integration recorded videos. The recommended way is via media- and file gallery directly by your partners. However, you as an event admin can also embed videos.

Video Content in Custom Tabs

Custom pages allow the integration recorded videos either via media- and file gallery or as embed videos.