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Assistants' World 2022 Conference & Expo

The conference, which has been taking place since 2002, was held hybrid for the first time in 2022 with the help of talque. As Germany’s only trade fair and congress for assistants, the event has long since established itself as a must-attend event in the industry that no office professional can afford to miss.




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Assistants’ World: Requirements

The core challenges identified were the compatibility of analog and digital, the lowering of digital barriers to participation and the networking of exhibitors and participants. Together with talque, innovative event formats were implemented to achieve these goals. The talque social wall as an icebreaker for digital communication, digital business cards for all stakeholders with easy storage of contact options, digital open exchange rounds and “running reporters” as well as a raffle as connecting elements for all participants.

01. Hybrid

Merging the online user experience with what is happening on site. Digital participants must also be actively involved.

02. Interactive

Creative interaction formats and networking opportunities for a sociable target group.

03. Strategic

Development of a hybrid strategy for events in subsequent years & pilot for similar concepts at other events.


Implementation of hybrid formats

Creative formats such as the "Running Reporter" or the raffle brought together online and offline visitors.

Interaction options

Online and offline meeting functions as well as interactive social walls for sharing images, videos and comments.

Strategic conception

Development of a suitable concept and increase in acceptance through the appropriate communication strategy.

„The secret of a successful hybrid event is to pick up the digital audience spatially and to convey emotions through perfectly thought-out and coordinated digital components. But above all, strong technology partners who are not afraid to try out and implement new ideas."

Olga LorenzEvent Management Assistant's World