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As a changemaker in the event industry, Carla, Head of Operations at talque, is always thinking on the cutting edge. We had the privilege to sit down with Carla to discuss her passion for tech and gain insights from her forward-thinking perspective.

A Changemaker in the Event Industry

Carla’s career path was a product of her passion for innovation, along with a little bit of chance. Initially, she studied journalism and TV production, earning a bachelor’s degree in communications and public relations, followed by a master’s in literature. However, her career path took a new direction when she spontaneously decided to pursue an apprenticeship as an event manager. While completing her apprenticeship with a Berlin-based trade show, she learned to plan and organize events from the ground up.

Carla took on significant responsibilities early in her career. After her apprenticeship, she organized and hosted a festival. In this role, she immersed herself into the world of events, exploring ticketing and other event services However, the start of the COVID-19 pandemic led her to seek opportunities, ultimately leading her to talque. After talque contacted her, she decided to embrace the chance to work as a project manager and continue to drive innovation in the event industry.

Growth and Leadership at talque

At talque, Carla found her passion for leadership, focusing on big-picture thinking and problem-solving. Carla started out as a project manager when the company was in its early stages, and her role evolved as the team expanded. Eventually, she took on a leadership role, guiding and supporting her team.

One of the most rewarding aspects of her work has been in product development. “I’m proud that I was able to take part in shaping how talque looks today,” she says. The app evolves almost daily, and as a result, there are always new challenges and opportunities for growth, she says. “The most exciting thing is that I’m always learning new things,” she adds.

Always on the Cutting Edge: The Key to Successful Events

As an event manager, Carla has gained insights into the key to successful events from her experiences. For Carla, it’s crucial that organizers are open to new ideas. Rather than repeat the same event from year to year, organizers should offer new content and features, she says. Additionally, event apps can be a way to provide added value to event attendees, she adds.

However, the shift to digital platforms presents some obstacles, particularly for older age groups. For an event app’s successful implementation, it’s important to address the hesitancy of some users to use this tech, she says. “Strong communication is the key to sparking excitement and encouraging people to try something new.”

Digital Transformation and the Future of Events

The COVID-19 pandemic turned the event industry around, prompting the industry to change and adapt. Carla sees this as an opportunity to explore creative digital approaches and drive change in the industry. “Without the pandemic, I think it would have taken a couple more years for event apps and other technical options, like video calls, to be implemented.”

The shift towards digital and hybrid events requires a complete reimagining of traditional event models. Event formats that previously worked in-person must be redesigned to suit the digital event space, Carla explains. Looking ahead, she anticipates more hybrid event formats and eco-friendly practices. Carla views this ongoing transformation as an opportunity for creativity, paving the way for more inclusive and sustainable events. “In the coming years, I think that we will see more people in the industry daring to do things differently.”

Stay tuned for more insights from the talque team as we continue to create the world’s most interactive events.