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Successful Event Attendance

What can I actively do to make the event attendance a success?

Participants will like to spend time on your profile and be interested in contact if they find interesting presentations and new information: Therefore, show appealing videos with real added value and not standard promotional videos. Offer information that is not available elsewhere.

Get actively involved in the event by offering workshops, round-tables or presentations on fascinating aspects of your business. Participants attending your sessions are most likely interested in your product and are promising leads. You can view the session booking list directly in talque. Subject to T&Cs and your exhibitor package, the event organizer may also provide a session view list after the event.

You may also  address potential participants directly, using your Best Matches. Send personalized messages to participants with potential interest in your product.

How can I best prepare my employees for the event?

Fill in the matchmaking questions as accurately as possible.

1:1 meetings are held through video calls (Jitsi calls). We recommend testing Jitsi calls before by setting up a video meeting with a colleague. Here’s more information about Jitsi calls.