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Inviting participants

In talque there are two ways to involve people:

Right after setting up the event, you have invited content contributors like speaker and partners to enter their text content, images and videos. This process is link based and does not require the contributors to be registered in talque.

About a week before the event starts, you need to invite the participants into the talque app: add them to the Invitations tab in the admin area and send out the invitations from there. The participants will receive an email that asks them to ‘Start onboarding now for {event name}’ and the link button will take them straight into talque. Now they are in the talque event platform and can start to discover your event.

Tip: The link in the registration email can later also be used to log into talque.


  • Email template Set up the Invitation email template at Admin > Email Templates > Templates. Also check the Inviation reminder template.
  • Email footer Set up the email footer with your organization data at Admin > Email templates > Settings
  • Email banner Set up the email banner at Admin > Branding > Email Banner

Tip: To see a preview of the email, click on the button [Show preview] at the bottom of the email template. You can even send a sample email to yourself.

Adding to participants to the invitation list

You can enter participant data manually through the [+ Add] button or you can upload it with a file with the [Upload CSV] button. Accepted file formats are Excel .xlsx-files and .csv files.

Please start with the our .xlsx template or .csv template. The section Upload Data Format below gives more information about the available data fields.

Tip: Don’t change or delete the header row. Simply add your data in the rows below.

Tip: The field ’email’  is required. But add as much details as you have at hand.

Sending out invitations

To send out the invitations go to Admin > Invitations and and click on the button [Send emails] at the bottom.

After sending out an email, the status of the invitee changes from Not Sent to Sent. When the participant registers, the status will change to Registered.

When you have send out invitations to everybody with status Not Sent, the button changes to [Send reminder] and you can send out a reminder email. This email will use the e Inviation reminder email template.

Tip: When the status shows Error after sending out the emails, please check if there is a problem with one of your email templates. Open the template and click on the button [Show preview] at the bottom of the email template. If it shows an error message, please fix it. Often the problem is caused by an erroneous auto-text field.

Inviting speakers and partner staff

You also need to invite speakers and partner staff. There different ways of onboarding partner staff to partner profiles – some work by adding the partner company to the invitations. Optionally you can invite the partner editor to the platform if you want them to be able to check their profiles from a user perspective

Invite speakers, partner editors and partner staff a few days before other participants, so that they check their profiles and familiarize themselves with the platform. You need to upload them to the invitation tab just as any other invitee (no matter if you have already added them to the speakers list, to the partner staff or partner editors list).

For speakers who are enlisted in the speaker list, the email template Speaker Invitation will be used automatically.