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Onboarding partner staff

If you want partner staff (trade show booth staff in an on-site event) to be listed on the partner profile here’s how you can do this:

  1. Manually during the event: You can enter them manually in the field Contact profiles on the partner profile. This requires the person to be already registered for your event.
  2. Manually before the event: You can open the persons invitation (in Admin > Invitations) and add the partner company in the field Contact person of.
  3. Self-attribution (recommended for small to middle size events): Tick the field Participants can select whether they are contact persons during signup in the partner profiles. Then all participants will be offered to attribute themselves to a partner profile during the onboarding process (see screenshot below). In the very rare case, that a participant has attributed himself incorrectly, you can simply remove him manually from the partner profile.

  4. Via partner tickets (recommended for large trade shows): This requires a specific setup of your ticket shop. Dedicated partner admins are registered in your ticket shop and can order specific partner staff tickets for their staffers. When those tickets are transmitted via API to talque, also the partner profile ID is transmitted and those participants are automatically added to the partner profile.