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Setting Up Speaker Profiles

When you set up your event in talque, start by creating speaker profiles: In the admin area go to Admin > Speakers and click on the [+ Add] button. You need to enter at least the name and email of the speaker, but can fill in all the information at hand.

It is our experience that speakers are very happy to put in their own information, as it allows them to take control over the appearance of their profile.

If the speaker already has a speaker profile (with this email) from previous events, only fill in her or his initials. Then the profile picture and additional information will be automatically taken over from the existing profile.

Uploading Speaker Data as a Data File

To upload the speaker list as a data file (Excel or .csv) start from our .xlsx templatee or .csv template and add your data.

Then upload it in Admin > Speakers > [Upload CSV] – both .xlsx and .csv files are accepted.

All information about data upload is summarized for you here.