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Setting Up a Pitch Contest

In a talque pitch contest you showcase the pitch contestants on a partner tab. The contestants can provide content for their profile via our partner form. You can also connect sessions and participant profiles with the contestant’s partner profile.

During the event each participant receives a number of pitch points that can be given to the contestants. You can also define how many points can be given at most to each contestant. For example, if at most all 10 points can be given to one contestant then each participant could give 10 contestants one point each or 10 points to a single contestant (or any combination in between). This is how the button on the pitch profiles looks like:

How to set up the pitch profiles

  • Choose the partner tab (default names are exhibitors or sponsors) that you want to use and rename it to ‘Pitch’, ‘Startups’ or any name of your choice. This is done in Admin > Exhibitors & Sponsors > Settings.
  • Setup the basic profiles, then involve the pitch contestants to contribute content: This is done the same way as involving partners, including pictures and videos.

Pitch contest configuration

Communicate us the configuration of your contest:

  • how many pitch points for each participants (our recommendation: 10 points)
  • name for the pitch points, displayed on the credit button, e.g., ‘Pitch Points’,
  • the name of the partner category, that includes the contestant (e.g. Sponsors > Pitches in above example)

Tip: Don’t give out more than 10 pitch points per person. If somebody decides to give all his or her points to one contestant this may create an imbalance otherwise.