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The talque event app brings innovation to the smartphone of all participants

An event app offers organizers a wide range of options for digitally accompanying events on site. While the app is an alternative to the program booklet or exhibition plan, companies and exhibitors can also use it to expand their physical stands, move content to digital and use new advertising channels. At the same time, the audience has the chance to come into interactive contact with one another. Support for events through an app is a matter of course for many people. talque offers an ideal solution for individual use.

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Eine Messaging-basierte Event-App für jede Art von Event

Matchmaking Teilnehmer:innen können durch perfekte Matches auf Basis von Interessen oder Fähigkeiten unmittelbar miteinander in Kontakt treten. Das Networking funktioniert über die mobile App genauso gut wie installationsfrei über die HTML5-Web-App oder sogar über einfache E-Mail-Links. Aussagekräftige und inspirierende Teilnehmerprofile Individuelle Profile ermöglichen es Teilnehmer:innen, sich auf aussagekräftige Weise zu präsentieren. So wird jede Veranstaltung zu einem wirklich inspirierenden Erlebnis. Veranstaltungs-Agenda & Event Kalender Durch die persönliche Agenda-Zusammenstellung der Teilnehmer:innen verfolgen Veranstalter:innen detailliert, welche Teilnehmer sich wo angemeldet haben. Dadurch können beispielsweise bestimmte Sessions auf eine maximale Teilnehmerzahl begrenzt und gegebenenfalls Zugangsbeschränkungen sowie Wartelisten erzeugt werden. Aussteller- und Teilnehmerprofile Gib deinen Sponsoren und Ausstellern die Möglichkeit, mit sich mit einem optisch ausgereiften Profil ansprechend zu präsentieren! Karte und Infobereich Füge eine zoombare Karte und weitere Inhalte nach deinen Wünschen ein.

All functions for your on-site
event at a glance

  • Hybrid Event
  • Digital Event
  • Analog Event

A messaging-based event app for every type of event

  • Meaningful and inspiring participant profiles Individual profiles enable participants to present themselves in a meaningful way. This makes every event a really inspiring experience.
  • Event agenda & event calendar Thanks to the personal agenda of participants, organizers keep a detailed track of which participants have registered where. In this way certain sessions can be limited to a maximum number of participants and, if necessary, access restrictions and waiting lists can be generated.
  • Exhibitor and participant profiles Give your sponsors and exhibitors the opportunity to present themselves in an appealing way with a visually matured profile!
  • Map and information area Add a zoomable map and other contents as you wish.

Enjoy the advantages of an mobile event app
as organizer and participant


Digital is the new printOperating paperless through an event app saves budget and protects the environment.


Self-organisationParticipants create their own agenda and make an individual program selection.


Straightforward access to information All visitors have equal access to exhibition stands, information brochures and more. You can find the exhibitors using interactive maps and discover their products on your smartphone.


Increase interactionAlways keep your audience up to date. Give regular updates on sessions via push notifications in the app. Start polls and let the audience rate them.


Increase sponsorship income An event app offers sponsors another channel to reach customers directly and efficiently.


Data analytics in real timeTrack and analyze your event in real time with an event app and use the information for your business!

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