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How can I get in touch with other participants?

Via the Participants tab, you can click on a participant and get in touch with the other participants either via [Chat], via [Set up Meeting] or via [Set up Video Call] (depending on wether your event is on-site, hybrid, or virtual).
Via the partner and sponsor profiles, partner staff can be contacted either via the direct call function or, like the participants, via [Chat] or [Set Up Video Call].

How can I schedule 1:1 calls?

You can request a 1:1 call with another participant or partner staffer by clicking [Set Up Video Call] in the relevant profile. In the next step, you will be shown possible time slots that are still available for both people. If you select one of them, the appointment request is sent to the other person. He or she can either accept or decline the request.

Where can I find my favorites?

You can mark participants as favorites on the Participant tab incl. Best Matches by clicking on the star in the profile picture in the participant detail view. To display your favorites, please use the star switch at the top right of the overview page. It is not possible to download the list.

How can I exchange files and documents with others?

Left of the text entry field in the chat area you will find a blue [➕] button. By clicking on it you can send files and also arrange video calls directly. This works as soon as a two-way chat exchange with the other participant has taken place.

Are my matchmaking choices visible for other participants of the event?

As part of the so-called onboarding, you create your individual participant profile on the digital platform for the current event and define your matchmaking criteria. The profile you create will be visible to other users on the platform for the duration of the digital event to enable them to contact you.