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Adding Additional Event Admins

To add some of your colleagues as event admins you need to perform two steps:

  1. invite the person to register for the event
  2. add the person as admin
Invite your colleague
  1. go to Admin > Invitations
  2. click on [➕ Add], enter name and email and press [OK].
  3. When the new invitation appears in the invitation list after a few second, open it again and press the button [Send this invite] at the bottom left.
Give admin permissions
    1. go to Admin > General > Permissions
    2. type in your colleague´s email address, then either select a suggestion or press [ENTER] on your keyboard
    3. press [Save]

Attention: If the email address is unknown you need to press [ENTER] on your keyboard to confirm the email address. Only then you will be able to press the [Save] button.