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2,219 chat messages sent

1,679 sessions booked


Swiss Conference on Data Science audience
(Copyright by Simone Frischknecht)

The Swiss Conference on Data Science fosters research and collaboration in the Swiss data science community. The conference brings together data scientists, developers, and decision makers to foster the exchange of ideas and promote innovation.

SDS is organized by the data innovation alliance, a network of companies and universities that aim to apply data science in a diverse array of fields. Insurance, computer engineering, and manufacturing firms are some of the sponsors of the conference.

At SDS, attendees can expand their network, learn from experts, and discuss current events at the cutting edge of data science. Researchers and professionals at the forefront of data analytics and machine learning come together at SDS.

The event highlights innovations, technologies, and trends with direct business.

The 2022 conference took place in Lucerne, and marked the 4th year of talque’s collaboration with SDS.

This year, SDS hosted their most attended conference yet! Keep reading to see how we made it happen.


networking and coffee break at the swiss conference on data science
Attendees meet during a coffee break. (Courtesy of Simone Frischknecht)


The Challenge

SDS aims to promote research and knowledge sharing in the field of data science. Poster presentations with cutting edge research and expert talks are a core part of the event.

Since quality is a top priority for SDS, it was important for attendees to give direct feedback to the organizers, speakers, and presenters. So, we designed an online voting system that allows attendees to rate speakers and presentations. Feedback from attendees helps SDS to create the best possible event and allows attendees to make their voices heard.

SDS also needed a way for attendees to navigate the event. With our customizable agenda, we made this possible.

The conference is primarily an in-person event, but SDS wanted to include an online option. The talque platform hosts on-demand content and live streams so that attendees can participate virtually.


“The app is essential for online participants. Attendees can access the schedule at any time and watch all presentations at their convenience.”

– Gundula Heinatz

A poster session is live streamed and available on talque.


The Solution

We built a highly interactive event platform to help SDS meet their goals.

Core features included a customizable agenda, a chat function, and the “best matches” page, which uses personalized matchmaking to facilitate networking. With these tools, attendees were able to schedule meetings and then get to know each other onsite.

For the event organizers, the platform was easy to navigate and allowed them to publish the schedule with just one click. Any updates or changes to the program are instantaneously visible on both the webpage and app.

Speakers were live streamed over the talque platform. The livestreams were available on-demand after the event.

In addition, we helped SDS create on-demand content before the event. Using the talque platform, speakers were able to create short video intros, upload posters and publish other content.

The awards ceremony was a highlight of the conference. Via the talque app, attendees voted for their favorite posters and speakers. The winners of the popular vote and the jury selection received prizes and were honored at the ceremony.

Award show

Award winners are honored at the SDS ceremony. (Courtesy of Simone Frischknecht)

speaker and moderator list

The “Speakers and Moderators” page on the talque mobile app./p>


The Results

The 2022 conference had the highest attendance rate of all previous years. Using talque, the organizers were able to promote knowledge exchange and networking.

We spoke with Gundula Heinatz, the managing director of the data innovation alliance and an organizer at SDS, who shared with us her experience using the platform. talque was an excellent support system for the event organizers, she said. It was great to have voting, live-streams, and on-demand content all available on talque, she added.

“The platform is an all-in-one solution for us.”

– Gundula Heinatz

We are pleased to have made such a positive impact with SDS. Let’s look at the numbers!

The registration rate was high, with 80% of people creating a talque profile. Attendees sent 2,219 messages over the app (an average of 15.8 messages per person). Participants also booked a total of 1,679 sessions and sent 452 meeting invites.

We are thrilled to see such high engagement with our platform and are pleased that attendees, speakers, and sponsors were able to form meaningful connections using talque.

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