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Case Study 

Übersicht MedtecLive

The MedtecLIVE & SUMMIT event is a trade fair for medical technology in association with the renowned MedtecSUMMIT Congress & Partnering, which networks all players in the medical technology sector. Developed from the events Medtec Europe and MT-CONNECT, MedtecLIVE has already entered the market as THE European trade fair with over 400 exhibitors on the topic of medical technology for the first event in 2019. The MedtecLIVE event concept aims to network all players in the medical technology sector, from classic suppliers to manufacturers. In 2020 and 2021, MedtecLIVE together with MedtecSUMMIT Congress were both held purely virtually.



For MedtecLIVE & SUMMIT 2021, 4 main topics were defined, which were essential for the successful implementation of the event.

1) Networking:Participants should get in touch with each other, network and exchange professional and personal information.

2) Agenda & Content:The communication of the event programme for the exchange of information and the transfer of knowledge through the congress and the most diverse lectures of the exhibitors.

3) Exhibitor presentation:The presentation of exhibitors with all associated facets such as products, services, job advertisements, pitches, lectures and many more.

4) Raising awareness for digital events:Participants should be able to move safely in a digital environment, track content and be familiar with all the possibilities for digital networking.




The first major challenge was the transition from a planned on-site event to a purely digital event. This required not only learning new skills such as how to use streaming and video conferencing tools, but also preparing all participants for the use of a digital event platform. Due to partial negative experiences with different formats, it was therefore necessary to overcome the bias of many participants. Ways had to be found to communicate talque’s range of services and offers in a comprehensible way and to show the added value for all participants.




First of all, various training courses, webinars and tutorials were created so that the own team, important decision-makers as well as exhibitors and participants were familiarised with the use of the platform.  For this purpose, separate FAQs were created on the MedTechLive website as well as in a custom tab within talque. During the event, the welcome speech via livestream was used to draw the visitors’ attention to certain functions and networking opportunities of the platform.


Raising awareness for digital events

FAQs on talque


Agenda & Content

To convey content, all agenda items were created in talque’s collaborative CMS and linked to the respective streaming and video conferencing tools. The agenda was also subdivided into different thematic strands so that visitors could easily filter the event according to their interests.


Topic filter in Agenda


Agenda (Admin view)

A dedicated streaming studio was set up for the creation of the video content, featuring various speakers, presenters and DJs. The studio was supported by green screens to emphasise the digital character of the event. In addition to the hybrid streaming location, other speakers were connected via video.


Exhibitor presentation

For the presentation of the exhibitors, a separate tab “Exhibitors” was explicitly created in the menu, in which all exhibitors were listed with their own profiles. The profiles were prepared individually by each exhibitor with pictures, videos and files and visitors could contact the staff of the respective company directly via these profiles either by direct video call or by making an appointment. The menu items “Products” and “Jobs” had the function of presenting all products and job advertisements of companies. The detailed pages of products and jobs could also be linked directly to the respective company profiles and dedicated employees. In addition, media and downloadable files were stored alongside descriptive texts.


Networking & Matchmaking


Networking & Matchmaking

All participants were asked matchmaking questions by the organisers at the beginning of the event. At the same time, answer options or free text fields were suggested for each question, which participants could simply select or fill in. After calculating the individual best matches for each participant through the talque algorithm, participants could playfully search for interesting people in the event and get in touch with them. For digital networking, the digital 1:1 meetings were used in particular. With this function, participants could get in touch directly or by appointment via a video call. The various chat functions of talque were also used. These included the talque chat for personal 1:1 and group chats between participants as well as session chats, which enabled exchanges within livestreams with speakers and viewers. The Unconference module of talque also enabled all participants to open their own video conference rooms with their own topics and thus to participate in the thematic design of the event. In order to keep all visitors up-to-date at all times, the Newspost function was used. Here, the event organisers could regularly post articles about changes, news or other topics. The visitors themselves were informed about the news in the menu by a red info icon and could comment on contributions.


Participant profile with matching questions/answers


Newspost function