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Expand the on-site trade fair with hybrid functions and community concepts

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Modular functions, tailor-made for your fair

Integrate unlimited parallel or consecutive live streams, video conferences and webinars. Integrate external providers, use your own licenses and preferred programs or use talque's own solutions. Offer your audience a platform that presents various software solutions for live streaming, video conferences or webinars as if everything came from a single source.

Communication & interaction through matchmaking
Our matchmaking feature brings people together based on their interests and skills. Social profiles of visitors, employees, speakers and companies show interests and similarities and help break the ice to take the first step towards networking. Numerous tools such as talque's own chat, self-hosted 1: 1 video calls, intelligent scheduling that takes your own calendar and different time zones into account, make communicating and getting to know each other a pure pleasure.


Compatibility, Apps & APIs
All functions and features used run smoothly in the browser or in the mobile app. We offer a customizable, easy-to-implement program interface as well as the connection of common ticket systems. Our website plug-ins for WordPress, TYPO3 and JavaScript also enable the automatic integration of exhibitor data and complete product catalogs into your own website.

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These and many other trade fair customers trust in our work and have already organized numerous successful events with talque.

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Successful monetization through successful exhibitors

Company profiles are the exhibitor stands in the digital space. At talque we consciously avoid 3D worlds. We rely on a reduced, but more effective form of self-presentation by companies with the aim of conveying information quickly and clearly in order to facilitate personal contact between customers and companies in an uncomplicated manner.

Stringing and selling packages to exhibitors and sponsors..
Categorize companies into exhibitors and sponsors, limit certain equipment features and display options and form exhibitor packages that you then market.

Impressive presentation options for customers
Let your customers appear in the best possible light! The integration of logos, banners and detailed company descriptions are just the beginning. Employees can be assigned to the company and contacted directly by visitors - via chat or video telephony. Expand profiles through media galleries with videos and images as well as documents and integrate products and job postings. Link sessions and direct the audience to live streams in which companies present their products or hold workshops and training courses. The joint presentation as an association or as an association of exhibitors is also possible.

With the collaborative CMS from talque always work together and in a team

Easily collaborate with exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, and anyone else who contributes content to the event. Add all participating companies and speakers to the CMS via talque and send them editing links for their profiles with just one click. From here on everyone takes over! Partners upload images and texts, maintain product catalogs independently and update all information without sending organizers a flood of emails with requests for changes. Every change is automatically updated everywhere. In the browser, in the mobile app and in the talque website plug-in for a quick and professional marketing presence. Concentrate on what is really important: the design of your event!


Tools for lead generation and data analysis

For example, exhibitors can generate leads by specifically opening and closing media and file galleries by allowing visitors to view videos, images, etc. contained therein. Companies and event administrators can download lead lists at any time and evaluate them in accordance with GDPR. Organizers have the opportunity to receive detailed analysis reports from talque. Companies themselves can use performance dashboards in their profiles to see important KPIs for the performance of their own profile at a glance.

Search and filter

talque offers a quick and extensive search for all participants. Hosts can create up to five hierarchical levels of filters and search options. In this way, the audience can search for companies, people, products and jobs comfortably and effectively.

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