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Make the success of an event measurable with our reporting: Lead lists and the live performance dashboard make it possible

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How successful an event has been can be easily gauged from direct feedback, from the faces on site and from the general mood. However, measurable parameters are essential for an accurate evaluation of the event’s success. They also help to draw conclusions for the implementation of the next events and to adjust some set screws.

With our evaluation tools, this evaluation is easier and clearer than ever. After all, talque is where all the threads of your event come together – this is also reflected in the comprehensive reporting options.

Your top features for your individual reporting

With whom was the exhibitor profile well received, how good was your own reach? The talque Performance Dashboard provides answers to these questions.
Better than business cards: talque Lead Tracking. Capture leads and contact them in a relaxed way.
Leads, Leads, Leads! Clear and informative – our lead lists from talque..

These customers trust our event platform

Performance Dashboard

Our tracking options provide comprehensive information about your visitors: They allow insights into interactions, bounce rates, matchmaking data and much more.

This data optimizes the understanding of your audience – of course in compliance with DSGVO regulations.

An intuitive view of the performance dashboard, lead tracking and our digital capture make it easy to analyze your event data.

Lead Tracking

This is how our lead tracking works:

  • Partners and exhibitors can see live who was on the profile when and for how long
  • Statistics
  • are clearly arranged and sorted by content categories
  • Each visitor can be contacted directly and without detours via chat or appointment request
  • The same evaluations are also possible for agenda items and speaker slots of the company
  • Chat histories are not lost after the end of the event and can still be actively continued
  • Lead lists are also available for download

What more could you want?

Lead Lists

How talque plays out the generated leads after an event depends on the booked scope:


  • After event download of DSGVO-compliant personal lead list by exhibitor contact persons
  • Lead list includes personal contacts (attendees with whom chatted or appointments were held) of each exhibitor staff member


  • “Request more information” button on company profile
  • Download of GDPR compliant lead list with contact details of all attendees who clicked “Request more information” button
  • Download of GDPR compliant personal lead list by exhibitors’ contact persons
  • Personal lead list includes information about each exhibitor contact’s chats

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