VIP 1:1 Networking Tables


This function gives participants the chance to meet on site. The integration of the personal calendar via Google or Micrsofot ensures that participants only see the dates that are actually available. Organizers can use the administration area of ​​talque Store physical meeting spots including a site plan, location description based on capacities and priorities. Time slots can also be defined so that certain meeting spots can only be booked by participants at certain times. This enables hygiene concepts and much more to be realized Dedicated tables / room resources can be assigned to certain companies (exhibitors / sponsors).

Extension – VIP 1: 1 network tables

In talque, specific companies (exhibitors / sponsors) can be assigned exclusive meeting locations for 1: 1 meetings to which event participants can apply. The application to the VIP table can be preceded by an individual compulsory question. VIP tables can be played in a dedicated menu item in addition to the company profile.


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