Event Agenda




The agenda is the linchpin of every event. Here event organizers give participants the opportunity to get detailed information about the program of an event and all important key information as well as details on sessions and sub-sessions such as talks and workshops or pitches. In addition, participants can put together their own program, register for program items and add them to their calendar. If sessions are fully booked, they can put themselves on a waiting list and slide down as soon as a place becomes available.

Detail pages for speaker profiles and program items


For each session (regardless of whether it is a talk, lecture, workshop, pitch, etc.) there is a detail page in which the content of the session is described in detail. Participants always see the title, time, location / room, sub-format and a description of the session and can transfer this directly to their personal calendar via iCal. If the session has speakers or moderators, these are also listed in the respective session. This means that every participant can find out more about the speakers or moderators.

Best practice search


Every person participating in an event has individual expectations and interests on certain topics within an event. The event app offers a full-text search so that everyone can find the relevant program items immediately. Here, participants can search for topics, locations, titles and even speakers for program items and thus put together their own individual program.


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