How to integrate talque with Votemo

November 30, 2021
Patrick Dalacker

How to integrate talque with Votemo November 30, 2021

How to integrate talque with Votemo

Connecting people through interactivity

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Daydreaming allowed – let your mind wander for a moment and follow me. Imagine the last event you were at. The last event you were at with other people. What did you like most about it? What do you remember best? Was it the speaker who inspired you with his gestures, facial expressions and words? Was it the band that gave you goosebumps with their performance? Was it even the many people around you who started interesting conversations by asking questions, who expressed their joy through applause or the exchange between you and completely new great people? You could get sentimental thinking about it. But stop! If you are reading this post, you are probably asking yourself the question: How do I create interaction and communication within a digital or hybrid event? Our partner Votemo has asked this very question and developed a great tool to answer it. 

But who or what is Votemo? Votemo is an emerging start-up from Tallinn, Estonia. In particular it is a platform that gives broadcasters, such as hybrid and virtual event organisers, streamers and TV channels new ways to get and retain audience attention, but also new ways to monetise audience interaction. The integration of Votemo in talque enables event organizers to engage audiences with commenting and Q&A, polling and voting tools or animated reactions, allowing the audience to share emotions, express opinions and ask questions. In collaboration with its clients Votemo also develops original interactive formats to provide audiences with unique interactive experiences. One of Votemo’s distinctive features is being able to show interaction results as a dynamic graphics layer directly on the video stream or broadcast.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to integrate Votemo into talque to engage your audience at your next event:

Step 1 – Understand your audience

Want your audience to feel engaged and heard? The answer is probably YES, if you want your audience’s attention and more importantly, want to keep it! Votemo enables you to add an engagement layer directly on the video stream and display results using dynamic animated overlays. You can use Votemo standard overlays or design overlays based on your brand identity. This way you can create an engagement layer that allows everyone to express emotions and share ideas.

Step 2 — Identify opportunities and potential turnover

Every sponsor wants to be an essential part of the event and program. Make your sponsors even happier by including them in the audience engagement strategy. Offer your sponsors opportunities to brand discussion panels, Q&A sessions, opinion polls, and feedback questionnaires. Develop original branded content and audience interaction formats based on the sponsor’s brand universe and create even greater value for sponsors. For example, allow people to express themselves with branded emojis or a mood-meter. Build in depth partnerships with your sponsors and generate new revenue. Votemo enables full branding and a wide range of special solutions.

Step 3 — Use the Votemo Admin panel to set up interactive modules
With the access to Votemo admin you will have your personal project manager helping you onboard smoothly. Log in, create a new Show for your event, add new project episodes for specific engagement modules, such as Polls, Emojis and Q&A. Use the Admin to manage and control whether you want certain polls or chat to be Live or not. Decide if you want to make the results public or private.

Step 4 — Insert the interactive module in your talque event
Integrating the user interface with audience engagement modules to talque events is easy and takes less than two minutes. Watch the short video tutorial. Here we show you in less than 2 minutes how to link talque with Votemo.

Step 5 — Show results on your stream with OBS, vMix
Show interaction results as a graphic layer on the broadcast stream using the Votemo Graphics Control Software. The software works with browser sources of various streaming software (vMix, OBS) and also offers integration with CasparCG which can be used to output SDI or NDI.

The Graphics Control Software comes with a set of animated screen graphics templates ready for testing and displaying on your event’s stream. For technical help and custom solutions get in touch through hello@votemo.eu or download the Graphics Control Software here.

Step 6 — It’s time to Go Live!
Now you are ready to Go Live and run exciting and interactive events for your audience and sponsors.

Tip: Have a QR code ready to get audiences on site and online to join in easily. You will find the direct link for interactive modules in the Votemo Client admin Show Management section.

Step 7 — Collect valuable data and feedback
Polls and questionnaires help you gather information and find out what the audience thinks about the event or speakers. Ask for feedback immediately after a session, keynote presentation or performance to get fresh emotions and ideas. Share relevant feedback with speakers as well, this is the best they can learn from the experience.

Audience feedback also helps you improve as an event organizer, and bring about even better events in the future. Audience engagement solutions allow you to analyze the behaviour of the audience as a whole through the event and see at what point in time the audience was most active and interested in the programme. If necessary, you can zoom in to the individual visitor level in the data and increase the quality of decision making for future events.

Schedule your next event
You don’t have access to Votemo yet? Then contact the Votemo team directly. Let us know how big the audience of your next event is. Based on this, you choose the best possible pricing plan for you. Find out about Votemo pricing plans or fill in the form on their website and they will get back to you with a personalized offer.