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Feature short list – for an interactive event

talque roulette, rating community, custom tabs, live publishing and many more

A full list of features with a short description that you get with your Event Community & Management Platform powered by talque:

  • talqueCMS – full event management solution
  • Multi-User app management
  • Matchmaking – per participant category; individual matching algorithm
  • Event branding – fully branded welcome screen with background and logos
  • Onboarding – with short profile tailored to your event
  • Infos / Live Speaker Blog – download presentations for later reference
  • Live Publishing – everytime up-to-date in real time
  • Rating Community – special network for an internal election
  • Photo/Video Gallery
  • Booking - registrations for the whole event and by sessions
  • Favorites & Favorites list - Add participants as favorites
  • Filtering & Keyword Search - Filtering and searching by participant categories, keywords, search/offer and more
  • Participants Profiles – elegant and expressive, information about matches
  • Private Messaging between participants
  • Contact Data Security
  • Live surveys – with realtime evaluation and projection (general & for sessions) (coming 2019)
  • Chats & Groups
  • One-on-One Meetings
  • talque Roulette - Interest based chat appointments
  • Chat Contacting – by direct message (event wallpaper branding possible)
  • Custom tabs – implement different tabs with content like news, maps etc.
  • Jobboards - job advertisements and job requests for employers (e.g. sponsors) and employees (participants)
  • Event Landing Page
  • Video Call – 1on1 or conference; scheduled video conferences
  • Audience polling with live display (general & for sessions)
  • Invitations – personalized or generic
  • WebView feature to include your website/survey/social network page
  • Event Maps – incl. pinch-2-zoom; multiple maps/floors
  • Bookmarks, build-your-own-agenda & Notes
  • Push Notifications, targeted messages for groups
  • Visual Schedules, Personalized Agenda – browse, select presentations from suggestions
  • Speakers – with personalized schedule
  • Sponsors & Exhibitors – sorted by categories; detailed profiles; branded landing page spot
  • Personalized content for private groups
  • Document Hosting (PDF, Excel, PPT, Word)
  • Website plugins to include your event information

If you want to know more about the features, the event app / web app, talqueCMS or website plugins, just contact us.

Your event app is available for iOS Apps from the App Store and for Android Apps from Google Play. Have fun!

If you have any further questions, please have a look at our FAQs or contact our support directly in the App.

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