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What features do i get in my event app?

A full list of features with a short description that you get with your Event Community App powered by talque:

  • talque-CMS – full event management solution
  • Multi-User app management
  • Matchmaking – per participant category; individual matching algorithm
  • Event branding – fully branded welcome screen with background and logos
  • Onboarding – with short profile tailored to your event
  • Infos / Live Speaker Blog – download presentations for later reference
  • Live Publishing – everytime up-to-date in real time
  • Rating Community – special network for an internal election
  • Photo/Video Gallery
  • Participants Profiles – elegant and expressive, information about matches
  • Private Messaging between participants
  • Contact Data Security
  • Chats & Groups
  • One-on-One Meetings
  • talque Roulette - Interest based chat appointments
  • Chat Contacting – by direct message (event wallpaper branding possible)
  • Custom tabs – implement different tabs with content like news, maps etc.
  • Jobboards - job advertisements and job requests for employers (e.g. sponsors) and employees (participants)
  • Event Landing Page
  • Video Call – 1on1 or conference; scheduled video conferences
  • Audience polling with live display (general & for sessions)
  • Invitations – personalized or generic
  • WebView feature to include your website/survey/social network page
  • Event Maps – incl. pinch-2-zoom; multiple maps/floors
  • Bookmarks, build-your-own-agenda & Notes
  • Push Notifications, targeted messages for groups
  • Visual Schedules, Personalized Agenda – browse, select presentations from suggestions
  • Speakers – with personalized schedule
  • Sponsors & Exhibitors – sorted by categories; detailed profiles; branded landing page spot
  • Personalized content for private groups
  • Document Hosting (PDF, Excel, PPT, Word)
  • Website plugin to include your event information