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How to integrate Slido Q&A and polls

Slido allows you to better communicate with your audience through Q&A sessions, voting in polls and taking part in discussions.

Each Slido event, Q&A session or poll or can be accessed through a permanent link. You can create Slido links for individual polls or for an event.

To integrate Slido in talque, please

  • Go to the section Schedule in talque admin area and open a session.
  • Go to Additional options > Survey URL and enter the Slido URL .

Direct access to Q&A, polls

You can change the appearance of a slido event in talque by adding the following extension to the URL :

  • add "/live/questions" for direct access to a Q&A session
  • add "/live/polls" for accessing a poll

If you have a professional or above Slido license, you can create multiple Slido rooms for your event that you can use for different sessions. For direct access to specific Slido rooms add ?section=ROOOMID to your slido event link.

Direct access to specific Slido rooms

To get the room ID, choose the desired room in the slido backend, hover over Present mode and select Present in a new tab. Copy the Present mode link in the address bar of your browser and paste it in a text editor. Copy everything from ?section= onwards. Add this part at the end of the event link

Here's an example of a slido event link and a corresponding room link:

Slido in talque

Slido in talque with Q&A session view:

Slido in talque with polls view:

Slido in talque with Slido individual poll link: