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Lead list - contact information for your partners

A lead list is a list of the contacts you have made during an event. The lead list will be made available to employees of your partners (sponsors and exhibitors) after the event.

The lead list contains the chat contacts of the partner staffers. A chat contact is an active communication between an event participant and the partner's employee: The employee was actively contacted via chat message or the exhibitor actively contacted participants and an exchange took place between the two, i.e. at least one message was exchanged. In this way a consenting contact took place and so the contact is included in the list.

More options

There are more options to collect contacts in the lead list:

  • A button [Get more information] is displayed on the partner profile (exhibitor or sponsors). When the user clicks this button, it appears in the exhibitor's lead list OR
  • Access to media is limited: Media like pictures and videos can only be viewed in the media gallery if the participant shares his contact details (currently only globally, not configurable for individual media files)
  • Access to documents is limited: Documents can only be downloaded from the file gallery if the participant shares his contact details (currently only globally, not configurable for individual documents)

These contacts are created on the partner profile and so they will be shared with all staffers of this partner.

How Partner Staff Receives the Lead List

The lead list is sent from our system to the employees of the exhibitors / exclusive partners by email, as this is personal data (which we are not allowed to pass on to third parties without a joint controllership agreement).

Format of the Lead List

The lead list contains the following data: First Name, Last Name, Email, Company Name, Job title, Origin, Country

The "Origin" column shows the origin of the contact:

  • Chat -> from personal chat contact
  • Profiles -> via the contact button [get more information] or accessing a document or media file

Format of the E-Mail sent out

For the e-mail that is sent to the employees, please submit the text of the email to us. Please give us this text ideally before the start of the event. By default the lead list is sent out as an .xlsx file, if you want a .csv file please contact us. In the text you can use the following auto text elements:

  • {org_name} - Name of the event
  • {user_name} - Full name of the participant
  • {user_first_name} - First name of the participant
  • {user_last_name} - Last name of the participant

Email banner and signature are taken from the backend of the network. You can find them in the admin area under Branding > Email banner and Email templates > Settings > Footer.