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Three steps to monetizing your event

Create event and select functions

Create events and book functions with marketing potential.

Select functions and compile packages

Allocate functions and enable price differentiations by compiling packages.

Market to companies and sponsors

Use the differing purchasing power of your customers, sell exhibitor packages and generate income!

Develop new sources of income

Wherever companies and customers come together, organizers have the opportunity to earn money. Since 2020/21 in particular, they have had to face new challenges in order to continue operating their business and be profitable. At the same time, the value of personal contact remains unaffected and companies cannot afford to lose touch with their customers and partners. Fortunately, digital events are becoming more and more commonplace and digitality also offers high sales potential in the event industry at comparatively lower costs for the organizers. Advertising space can be sold on a large scale online. In addition, stands of exhibitors with all their employees, experts, product catalogs and much more can now be found on the devices of attendees – and that in different sizes and scopes, as is also the case in an exhibition hall. Digital and hybrid events are in no way inferior to a purely physical event in terms of profit.

Marketable functions for
trade shows and your exhibitors

Are there partners willing to pay for superior visibility? Digital and hybrid events offer powerful ways to get more visibility for a company or sponsor. Present selected companies on rotating advertising banners or permanently on the start page of the event. Involve companies as sponsors of sessions and let your companies shine in the best light through linked exhibitor profiles.
Company profiles are the exhibition stands in the digital world. Let the audience see at a glance which employees are available at the digital booth or on-site at the booth. Enable an intelligent arrangement of virtual 1:1 or on-site appointments between companies and their customers. Upload product catalogs and job postings and turn your event into a product and job fair. Exhibitor profiles can be designed in different ways. Content such as images, videos and other file formats can be limited and can be marketed perfectly to companies by putting together packages. Exhibitor profiles enable interaction, information and self-presentation on a whole new level.
Exhibitors can see in real time how well they are performing and how participants interact with their profile. Real-time analytics are decision-making factors and important components for measuring marketing activities. talque offers its own dashboard in which company employees or profile administrators can see all important information about engagement of participants with their own profile at a glance. At the same time, exhibitor profiles offer the possibility of “locking” certain content and only sharing it in exchange for certain participant data. This generates leads that can be valuable later in the marketing and sales process. Companies can easily download lead lists and transfer them into their own CRM.
talque’s personal calendar integration enables all participants and employees to plan intelligent digital and hybrid appointments, taking into account the respective time zones. While virtual 1: 1 video calls are used for digital appointments, exhibitors can create meeting spots that can be booked on site and use them for physical meetings.

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