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Event Language

Choose a primary language for your event in Admin > General > Language support > Languages. Optionally you can add one or more secondary languages for your event. For each description item there will be one entry field per language as shown for the session title.

The following languages are currently supported:

  • English (EN_US)
  • German (DE_DE)
  • Spanish (ES_ES)
  • French (FR_FR)
  • Portuguese (PT_PT)

Speaker and Invitee Language

In the admin area in talque you can specify in the speaker list a language for speakers and in the invitation list a language for invitees. This is not the language the persons speaks, but the language in which the speaker form email or talque invitation email will be sent out. Therefore only the five languages above are available.

Languages and Importing Data Files

When you upload speaker, session, partner or invitation data via an xlsx/csv file, you need to provide the language as an IETF language tag like EN_US. Only include languages in the data file which are primary or secondary event languages of your event.