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Break new ground with digital events

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The innovative way of event design

Mobility and flexibility are part of our daily life. We can access videos, music and information anywhere and anytime, connect via social media and update each other. So why shouldn’t we be able to take part in events on the other side of the world just as easily? Today’s event organizers are industry pioneers in the design of digital events. We at talque offer the global venue for this. Because we can do more than live streams: The strong community concept of our platform enables users to network with like-minded people, a diverse interaction and shared knowledge as well as learning content.

Pioneers of the digital event scene

These and many other customers trust in our digital event solution.

High quality marketing content on talque

Extend the lifespan of an event

Just because an event is over doesn’t mean it’s actually over: streams can be recorded and offered as on-demand sessions. Participants can view profiles of other people and companies, access product catalogs, information brochures and much more. Taking notes is a thing of the past thanks to the unlimited access to presentations, chats and interviews even after the event.

Digital and on-site events – the same and yet different

At first glance, digital and on-site events may show very clear differences. But both types actually contain the same components such as paid advertising space, exhibitor stands, promotional items, handouts, product catalogs, live music and much more. The advantage: an event, which many people set up together, does not have to be dismantled again. This saves time and nerves and creates sustainability for everyone involved in an event.

Reach people anytime, anywhere

Regardless of whether an event is carried out completely digitally or complemented virtually – digital events create the option of reaching people in different places around the world and at any time. Regardless of whether you are at home or on the go: an internet connection is sufficient to attend a digital event. It couldn’t be more convenient!

Real-time data and analytics

Virtual events generate leads in a variety of ways. Several analytics tools reveal trends and interests that can influence future business and marketing decisions. Use digital events as a marketing or sales opportunity, as a teaser for later on-site events or to stay in contact with business partners or those who should become such.

Become a pioneer and role model for the digital event scene!


Would you like to spontaneously add speakers to your agenda or exchange a presentation at short notice? No problem: digital events offer the possibility of adapting all components of an event in the shortest possible time.


Digitale Veranstaltungen skalieren mit deinen Anforderungen. Durch intelligente Cloud-Lösungen passen sich die Serverkapazitäten in Echtzeit an jeden Bedarf an.


Save CO2 and avoid waste: The ecological advantages of a digital event are obvious when travel and physical promotional items become superfluous.

Cost effectiveness

Digitality enables a high marketing potential for both organizers and their customers. Simultaniously to the cost savings through the elimination of setting up and dismantling stands, print articles, and travel, the opportunity to generate additional sales increases.