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Different industries, different needs - we have the platform for all

talque is the meeting place for companies, employees and industry experts

At corporate events, talque’s range of applications is as diverse as its clients themselves. Lectures are given, seminars attended and workshops offered for further training. We offer a platform where employees and industry experts can meet and network. Clearly structured sessions set the agenda, and in addition, participants can speak independently in groups via video conferencing. You decide which combination your event needs to succeed.

These customers rely on talque

These and many other customers trust in our work and have already organised numerous successful events with talque.

Creation of a versatile programme

Create livestreams, video conference rooms or webinars and bring them to life in different ways! Start with a welcome speech, let participants communicate via interactive session chats during the session. Host a workshop followed by a live DJ performance. Whatever the programme, one thing remains the same: with talque you present an agenda that is as interesting as it is exciting!

Login, ticketing and registration

All participants have their own user account in talque, which can be linked to any number of events. Organisers can easily upload attendee lists to talque’s CMS via CSV files or connect their ticket shop directly via APIs. Participants can also be added and edited manually. For free events, the registration process can even be handled directly via talque. Invite participants with just a few clicks via automated mail dispatch and get started with your event!